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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Mmm... Apple Pie cocktail 😍


I fell for this combo - Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Hard Cider and Young Living Thieves Essential Oil. Creatively boosting my immune system and natural relaxation all in one cocktail.πŸ˜‹ Mmmulti-tasking. 


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Young Living Essential Oil

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Vacuum diffuser?

Back to school vacuuming... This is how we roll. A couple drops on cotton balls in the collection canister and BOOM - the vacuum is a diffuser. Hmm... Methinks each kid deserves their own 'Thieves therapy session'!

#MomScore #KidChore #OolaFamily #BeatTheIckies

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Lemon oil & Thieves cleaner to the rescue!

So I love this top. I found it in Poland. In Poland, I realized how much America is revered. I wanted to find a souvenir shirt for each family member with something written in Polish, but 99.9% of everything on the clothing there was in English! Lots of American flags, too. :-) It's hard to see, but this says "What's Up Dudes". In fact it's SO hard to see, that's the only reason I bought it! LOL. Lots of clothes there had American expressions on them that if worn by me, would look totally ridiculous, but if worn by a Polish American-wannabe, would be totally adorable! I can't pull off phrases like, "Wild Thing" or "Pretty Princess". So, I fell in love with this top in a tiny shop in a city that's special to me, Ostroda. I know I'm not going to get another one in this lifetime! Learn with me...

Lesson 1: Do not dump Peace & Calming on the back of your neck while wearing white!

I had no idea I had done that until I got undressed for bed, hours later and the stain was dry. I was a little heartsick until I remembered...I always had the power!

Lesson 2: Fight oil WITH oil!

From our blog leading up to a series on laundry secrets, I remembered the tip lemon + peroxide  = bleach. I saturated the stain area with lemon oil and used an old toothbrush dipped in Thieves cleaner and worked it in. Then added a few drops of peroxide and worked that in. I let it all soak in enough water just to stay wet. I came back 15 minutes later, wrung the area out and about half of the green color came out, so I knew... I was on the right track. :-) I kept repeating, and once 70% of the color was gone (3 times) I threw it in the wash with all the other whites. I added about 30 drops lemon oil, 2 cups of peroxide, a capful of Thieves and 1/2 cup Arm & Hammer laundry booster. BOOM...

Stain is gone and nice fresh white clothes that smell like lemony heaven! This top is off white, BTW. My white whites are gleaming! 

PS--Trivia for ya.... The reason Peace & Calming Oil blend is green is due to Blue Tansy oil mixing with Tangerine oil which is a light orangey yellow....Yellow + Blue = Green. Yowlsah! PPS--If you have a colored oil from another company, chances are it's not a natural coloring...Eeek!

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