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Friday, December 12, 2014



Welcome to our crazy adventure.

Kristi and Kim are Young Living Essential Oils Independent Members who are having fun exploring the wonderful world of essential oils for beauty, cooking, cleaning, and to support a healthy immune system. We invite you to join us through our trials and triumphs. We hope that you will learn along side us as we try our crazy new recipes, cleaning ideas, and using oils therapeutically.

We both believe that life today has gotten too hectic and people have forgotten what really matters; faith, family, friends, and good health. Everyone is looking for the quick fix, the fast meal, the miracle drug, the "when I have time" relationships and society is suffering for it.

We hope to bring back some of the simpler ways of life into both of our crazy routines and improve our families well being along the way.

So come along with us on our crazy, educational, enlightening, and fun adventure. We are glad to have you!

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