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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Roll on recipes

Oh, Jessica Jackson, grrrrrrl, you're just in time!  Thank you for sharing!! To learn about DiGize click here.  Scroll down for all you need to DIY.

Happy blend roll-on

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Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!  OK, so that's not you today?  That's OK.  It's not me all the time either.  There are studies that you can research that will show you there is SCIENCE behind the power of scent. It's true!  Directly behind the olfactory is the amygdala part of our brain.  The amygdala is responsible for emotions as well as memories, which is why scent can have such a big impact on how we feel.  This blend is created for just that.  Just be careful that you are not applying it to places that will be receiving sunlight, as citrus oils are photosensitive.  That is, they could magnify the sun's rays and we need to protect our precious skin. Another point about citrus essential oils is that they're powerful and will digest petrochemicals.  Check this out...

So some people will naturally wonder "If it's that powerful should I be using it?"  I did too. The answer is a resounding YES. Essential oils are intelligent. I know, it sounds like science fiction, but it's true, and there's non-fiction science behind it. I've had the pleasure of attending a class called biOILogy taught by Dr. Kathy Fuller and I learned that essential oils know the difference between biologic and inert material.  (if you think THAT's weird, wait til you learn how every cell in our body can 'smell'!)

Really, the science behind essential oils is amazing...truly amazing. Because we are lipid-based beings with lipid-based cells, and the oils are also lipids, they work well together - better than oil and water-based nutrients, for certain. ;-) If you're familiar with the product Goo-gone, you know how well it dissolves 'gunk'. Goo-gone is made with citrus oil, because it is so good at removing 'gunk' and 'goo'. Citrus oils do that inside your body as well, allowing for better cell-communication. Our bodies simply function more efficiently when we de-gunk our cells. OK, enough about that.

When I do presentations I like to put a drop of lemon or other citrus on a strawberry and another drop on a piece of styrofoam. At the end of the presentation it's apparent what happened to the styrofoam.  It never had a chance.  I'll eat the strawberry at that point, or offer it to a volunteer.  (If you haven't tried--must taste--DELICIOUS!!!)

Test it yourself with a blown up balloon at home. LOL. Citrus aren't the only oils that do this, either.  We have another video posted on our Facebook page showing what spearmint oil did to styrofoam as well.  This is what essential oils can do inside our bodies.  There will be a blog later in the series where we look at how everything we put ON our bodies ends up IN our bodies, and why the quality of your essential oil is tantamount to reaching the goal of supporting your best health.  There's a lot to say about that as well as Young Living's commitment to quality.  That deserves it's own blog for certain.  For now, if you'd like to learn a bit about that, check out a our Seed to Seal process.


Another great roll on idea.  Do you know anyone that could use---SQUIRREL! Be sure to check out the benefits of Rosemary essential oil with a resource you trust.

Sweet Dreams Blend

I said... Si-ya-lent Nighhhht.  I said, Ho-wah-ly Nighhht.  
Do you need a little help relaxing at night?  You might like this roll on blend.  And all of these oils are currently in stock!

If you've had too much candy and are trying to work it off like me, Kristina Bee (LoL)...

A huge thank you to my sponsor, Tracey Campbell with TLC One Drop at a Time for these recipes and sharing her talent with beautiful graphics. :-) Enjoy these blends, my oily friends!  Stay oily!

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Click on the images to purchase some of my favorite finds to create your own roll-on blends.  What I like most about this roll-on tube is that the roller is made of metal.  After seeing the video, put it into your permanent memory--avoid plastics when working with Young Living Essential oils whenever you can.  As you dilute your oils into a carrier, such as this organic fractionated coconut oil, there is less to worry about. ;-)  Visit our A-store for all you need to DIY.

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