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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Healthy New Car Scent

Who's sick of riding around in the scent of old french fries and dried baby formula?!?

Try your favorite EO in a USB diffuser like this one: 
(note: stay away from 'hot oils' in this device, i.e. Thieves, cinnamon, clove)

I played with the recipe and I think actually less vetiver is better.  Vetiver smells like dirt!  Note the change:

OR- repurpose the cardboard tubes your Young Living essential oils come in as diffusers for your car!  Put 5-10 drops of your favorite oils on it and just stash it under a seat.

I created this blend with the help of my teammate Brenda, and it smells a LOT like leather so I thought it would be a perfect "new car" scent.  And there may be some peaceful tranquility going on in there, too! **Tip: Since Vetiver is an extremely thick oil, I've found rolling the bottle in my warm hands for about a minute helps the oil come out much more easily.**

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