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Thursday, September 17, 2015

I need to know all the details!!

 Young Living Premium Starter Kit

Joining Young Living as a wholesale member gives you the opportunity to get a fabulous deal on a starter kit in addition to receiving 24% off retail prices for all future purchases. As a wholesale member you're only required to spend $50 in a YEAR to keep your membership active. Buying your starter kit keeps your membership active for a whole year!  There are no other requirements or fees. Included with the starter kit for just $160 are items that are worth somewhere near double that price! You get:

SO, you think you DO want to join but want to know what you have to do to enroll? It takes less than 5 minutes to click the link and fill out the information, but we understand you might have questions. H
ere's EXACTLY what to expect:

Because Young Living is a business built on referrals, members DO have potential to earn income. 
If you earn as a result of sharing Young Living, you may need to receive a 1099 form for taxes, therefore you're asked for your SSN as part of the enrollment in the step 'commission processing'. Young Living is required to collect this information for tax purposes and does not use this information for any other reason. 

There is no way around that, except if you use an EIN number (also called a personal tax ID number). If you prefer, use that instead. Otherwise, you may choose to order retail, keeping in mind that you are not able to purchase a starter kit as a retail customer, the oils are not discounted and you do not have the opportunity to take part in Young Living's Essential Rewards or compensation programs.  If that works best for you, here's the link to get started: YL choose RetailAccount

Again, as a member you are never, ever required to share, sell or promote Young Living.  Most folks take advantage of the wholesale account to purchase the starter kit and receive the discount on oils and that is perfectly fine. You'll also have the opportunity to enroll in Young Living's Essential Reward autoship program as a wholesale member. ER is optional, simply leave those boxes unchecked if you do not wish to start now.

That's it! You'll be enjoying Young Living Essential Oils is no time. :-)  As a wholesale member you'll have access to websites, written information and exclusive groups giving you 'round the clock support. We are happy to help you achieve your health goals by arming you with information to be the CEO of your own health.

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