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Friday, September 18, 2015

Martha, Martha, Martha

Oh em gee, am I dead and in loverly heaven?!

I removed my labels and added these stickers to some of the glass spray bottle concoctions I have around here, and don't they look pretty?!?  I am certain this is a, a, a physiological reaction I am having to this visual beauty... combined with our olfactory oily lovliness.  Oh.... **slump**

I'm OK...I'm OK.  Just need my smelling salts.
 **sniff sniff**

Could this be a creative way to be compliant?!  :-) Looks like "seasonal" and "annoyance free" blends to me. HAHA!

**Bass drop**  Ohhhh schnap!
(that was in slo mo)

This is like...JEWELRY for my Young Living Essential Oils!  I'm gonna be in troubllle!

These are live links to order or shop around. Uhh, I'm going back in for seconds...

And if you're ready to open a Young Living account, start here: signup4YL


Sweetsiedoll said...

Beautiful. Great idea.

Anointed by Abba said...

Thank you. I love making things pretty!