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Friday, September 25, 2015

Redo a healthy version of Iced Gingerbread handsoap

So I began replacing some of the items around the house with healthier versions and getting a scent right for this this one was a bit of a challenge, but I think it's nice!

Basic foaming handsoap instructional video:

Just use these oils instead of lavender.

I had a hard time using a ton of my precious Stress Away to get the smell of the vanilla, so I just used vanilla! Why not?  It's in an alcohol base!  More germ-killers!

I cant stress enough, exact recipes are not terribly important.  It's really hard to mess up a foaming soap and the fall scented oils are very forgiving.  (Except ginger--that one rubs me the wrong way!) 

If you have foaming soap pumps in the house, reuse them!  If not, here are a few ideas along with a link for Dr. Bronner's soap and vitamin E oil (optional):  Click on the pictures to shop now, or visit our A-store.

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