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Friday, September 18, 2015

Young Living Toothpaste & DIY Homemade Toothpaste

I (Kim) decided when I got my starter kit that I was going to make an effort to remove the chemicals from my house. The very first place I started was my toothpaste.

We have all heard the stories about fluoride being carcinogenic and the cleaning compounds that make it foam are why orange juice tastes nasty after brushing our teeth.  And this is Kristi... There is also research suggesting that we need to do a better job of  looking out for our thyroids, in general. If you're NOT aware, maybe start with something like this article, 9 things you don't realize may be causing your thyroid disease. Whole lotta wackiness going on there in Adam's Appleland that we didn't have 50 years ago... I say it sure can't hurt to try something else!

I recently visited my Dad and offered him a tube of Young Living's toothpaste. (I get a lot of it for free with my rewards program) I was surprised that he was reluctant to try it. But, y'know how old dudes are. LOL!!  He likes his 'sensitive' toothpaste and he ain't changing! So I got up from the table, went into his bathroom, got his toothpaste out, brought it back to the table and just asked him to read me the back of the tube out loud. After he read, "Do not use for more than 4 weeks. If ingested call poison control" he was a little more willing to try it. HAHA! He's an old dude, but he ain't a stupid old dude! I also explained to him that Young Living's toothpaste worked to eliminate the tooth sensitivity in my oldest son completely. (And he likes my oldest son. :-)

So when I got home from my Dad's, I thought I'd check my storebought tubes too.  I was shocked and appalled that my children's toothpaste from a brand known for it's healthier ingredients had a similar warning. (Gasp!) In all fairness, there were other tubes of this brand in my home that did NOT include the warning, so I kept those. But there IS research backing up some pretty wonderful things essential oils can do for us, and I know if they are ingested they're not harmful. In fact, research shows the opposite.

So, Kim and I made our own toothpaste as well and I love knowing that I CAN make my own. It's inexpensive, extremely effective and there a ton of variations on recipes out there. The brand of oils I use in my toothpaste come with an FDA label that actually has dietary guidelines, and not many essential oils can say that. I can only trust Young Living. Using another brand defeats the purpose. More information on that subject can be found here: bit.ly/AnointedByAbba

This is a basic recipe similar to what Kim and I made:

DIY toothpaste

- 3 teaspoons baking soda
- 1 tablespoon coconut oil 
- 10-20 drops YLEO of your choice. 
We used peppermint, Thieves, spearmint and various citrus EO
- natural stevia (be careful on that one!) or xylitol to taste

Just mix and add more baking soda or coconut oil until you have the consistency you want.  And keep playing with the oils and sweeteners until it tastes good to you. I also saw this recipe made with an 1/8 tsp. hydrogen peroxide, which I like to use for it's whitening ability anyway.

Citrus oils are also natural whiteners. The mint oils are natural fresheners and then there are some amazing chemical constituents in the oils used to make up the Thieves blend, like cinnmaldehyde and eugenol. (This is the part where I encourage you to do your own research. :-) Check a site you trust and see what these incredible components do. It's so good...I'm not even allowed to tell you.)

(PS--do not let the word 'VOLATILE' scare you. That only means that the aromatic particles that make up essential oil are so tiny that they literally leap into the air. Isn't that fascinating? It's why you can smell an essential from oil across the room in a very short period of time)

I heard if you use Xylitol it's best to run it through a blender or food processor before adding it to your toothpaste mixture for a nice smooth consistency.  I haven't tried this product yet, but my gosh, the reviews look promising for Xylitol even as an everyday sweetener...

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