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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cedarwood for your hair? Tip #1

I've spoken about 'being on a journey' to reduce the amount of chemicals I expose myself and my family to, and it is a journey. I would not recommend trying to go completely chemical free immediately in a matter of weeks. LOL. That's just cray cray. Don't cause yourself undue stress. It undermines the healthier lifestyle we hope to achieve.

Instead change little things as they come up.  I'd like to share one change I really like. I add one drop of Cedarwood for every 1 ounce of shampoo. I like to use a sulfate free shampoo like this one in the picture. It really smells fabulous. Any shampoo will work, though.

Something that is important to mention is that when dealing with the scalp, you're dealing with a whole different kind of skin. We already know that our skin is our largest organ and takes in what goes on it all the time, right? Each of those hair follicles is a sort of 'entry' if you will, into the skin. So what goes on your scalp can be absorbed at a higher rate and more quickly...even more important to be 'cleaner and greener'.

Another tip I would like to offer related to this subject is that if you cannot use a safe product on your hair, and just for an example I occasionally use a conditioner that I know is not the safest, I suggest you just keep it away from your scalp as best you can. Focus on putting it on the ends of your hair. (That part is dead anyway!)

One of the wonderful things that I noticed while using Cedarwood in my shampoo is that my hair seemed to grow little faster and it feels a little healthier. On my 'to-do' list is sharing more information about Cedarwood, it's benefits, and how it's helped my family as soon as possible. In the meantime, I'd like to share that Cedarwood is the highest oxygenating essential oil. That's a pretty honorable title, considering oxygen is key to our cells health and vitality. 
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