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Thursday, October 15, 2015

DIY Organic Vanilla Extract

Anointed By Abba shows you it's SO easy to make your own vanilla! Never worry about what's in it again. Add it to baking recipes, drinks, sugar scrubs, essential oil blends, perfumes and more!

In the photo, I called this a 'scent' because I was afraid to label this as an extract, but I soon learned that this is, in fact, an extract. I was adding it to essential oil blends and wearing it alone as perfume. (And PS, it's yummy:-) No better way to know what's in it than if you make it yourself. Too easy... We can all do this. #SRSLY Makes a great holiday gift, too! 

Laura B had this to say: "We use organic vanilla beans split in half and let them soak in some vodka for about 2 weeks, shaking it daily. It makes all your recipes taste 100% better. We use it in everyday cooking....I've also done other flavors as well....lemon and or lime zest...super awesome!"

Oh, wow! See all the cool stuff we get to learn here?!? This is news to this suburban mommy!

I will say you must use quality vodka. I like Kirkland's from Costco. (Rumor is that it's made in the same facility as a fancy schmancy vodka we shall not name, but it's sort of like...dirty duck?) Reuse any kind of bottles you have, maybe you even have an empty glass vanilla extract bottle. If not, see links below to help make your DIYs easier from here on out! These & more available on the page "DIY VANILLA" in our A-store, as well as a good-looking choice for a storebought organic vanilla extract.

Updated 2 1/2 years later...this is the ONLY way to do vanilla. Enjoy!

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