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Monday, October 12, 2015

Simple DIY Organic Toner

I can not stop spraying this on my face!!! Sigh... Sweetness. XOXO

Here's your simple Base Toner Recipe:

Young Living Essential Oils 4 drops each:
  • Elemi
  • Cedarwood
  • Lavender

I mentioned that it smells divine (G'head, diffuse it!) but it's a great combo for toner, too. The ingredients don't have to be all complicated with words that have 27 syllables in them to work! Here are some of the benefits of the oils that come from PLANTS:

Elemi: Its antiseptic properties make it useful for helping to heal skin conditions, cuts and wounds. It has a rejuvenating effect and is great for wrinkles. Also good for helping to reduce scarring and acne.

Totally unrelated trivial information: In the 20th century it became more difficult to get frankincense essential oil, drought and war being the main reasons, and so it also became more expensive. Elemi was often used in its place, and has since gained value in it's own right. In the plant world, elemi and frankincense are related, like cousins, they have similar properties and they actually smell really similar. The main chemical constituents of Elemi are: Elemol, elemicine, dipentene, terpineol, limonene and phillandrene. 

Cedarwood: According to Dr. Axe, Cedarwood has antiseptic properties and defends the body against toxins. It is used on the skin to help the body combat wounds, scars or infections. Cedarwood essential oil protects skin pores from letting in dust or any harmful microbes into the body, which can lead to acne and skin infections. Cedarwood oil is also effective for tightening the facial skin and giving it a youthful appearance.

Cedarwood is also one of THE highest oxygenating oils. It's kinda epic, actually. Why do you think all those important, 
ancient people had their temples built with Cedarwood when it had to come from so very far away?!?   

Lavender: Widely known for its antimicrobial properties, lavender essential oil has a rich history of being used to speed the healing of burns, cuts, scrapes and wounds and a big part of this is because of it’s anti-microbial properties. Lavender oil has antioxidant characteristics and has a calming effect on the skin. And really, really mad people. :D (Keep some in your car!)

Toning should be part of the daily skin care routine - after cleansing and before moisturizing. I emphasize the 'should be' part, cuz...sometimes I'm just grateful that my skin got washed at all? Hee hee! But, if you want the info from esthetician, Tiffany Burnside, then you should totally do as I say and not as I do!

You should make these too... You will love them: 
Lavender & Tea tree facial cleansing wipes While you're there you can also read my utter shock and awe when I realized that all along, it was chemical crap that was ruining my face! Anyway...


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Kelley Willis said...

Your products always look so beautiful and classy, with their ornamental designs on the bottles! And your pics look so old timey (which I love!) I love it!

Anointed by Abba said...

Thank you so much. :-) I love the old time stuff too. Maybe this isn't our 'first time around'! :-)

Anil Garnaal said...
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