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Friday, October 2, 2015

Swig swag...

How YUMMY is this, anytime of year!?!

I found it easier to get enough water in my day when I add essential oils for flavor.  This is a fave. I love to add lime with grapefruit, too.

I end up staying more hydrated, which helps reduce cravings and assists my body in maintaining a healthy weight... :-) When I take Young Living Essential Oils as dietary supplements I need to be careful to avoid using plastic.  Here's why.

You can visit The Anointed Picks store f
or some of our favorite essential 'hydration helpers', and if you're interested in a whole body health approach check out Dr. Phil.  The best thing I learned from him about managing my weight was "It's not magic.  It's just math." Profound simplicity. (And yes, there are real weight struggles)  Love me some Dr. Phil!

If you need Young Living grapefruit oil you can learn more about signing up or email us anytime.

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