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Monday, October 5, 2015

Lavender & Tea Tree Facial Cleanser Wipes

In the Fall of 2014 I attended my very first make and take. My friend and sponsor, Tracey Campbell with TLC One Drop At A Time, blew my mind with this whole concept. This was the beginning of understanding that I really could replace chemical products with natural ones. One of the products I made has remained a staple in my skincare routine and has been shared deep and wide where we live - in sunny Arizona - and now we'd like to share this recipe with you!

The recipe is also FABULOUS in a foaming soap pump &  makes enough face wash solution to fit into a 12 oz. jar, or equally divide into 2 - 8 oz jars.

I make several of these at once.  They're a huge hit with my friends and make nice gifts, my teenage son uses them and my mother-in-law even used this as a 'bath in a jar' when she was laid up in the hospital after knee replacement surgery. 

~1 c. water
~1 Tbls. melted organic coconut oil

Just mix all the ingredients in a glass container, one that pours is great - like this Pyrex measuring cup, pour into your jar(s) and start addin' stacks! Would you believe I can fit almost an entire sleeve of rounds into a 12 oz. jar? You'll want to keep adding them until they're not sopping wet, but good and damp.

Coconut oil tips: I do not recommend microwaving your coconut oil to melt it, as microwaves destroy the good stuff in foods. I use my Pyrex measuring cup right on the stove top over low heat and WATCH that coconut oil melt in a matter of seconds. :-)  (I can not recommend this method on high heat, direct flame or if you are a klutz--stick with the double boiler or put your glass measuring cup in a pan of water!) Once melted, add the rest of the ingredients right on top, mix it, pour it, and ADD STACKS! Boom.

Tip to add stacks: Take a huge hunk of cotton rounds, put it in the jar and let it absorb the liquid love. You can press, but go slowly so you don't make it all spill out the top. Then repeat. And again. Until you can't smoosh any more rounds in the jar!

That is IT! Just WAIT til you smell this. It gets even better when you use it! Just wash & rinse with water. Follow up with moisturizer if you wish, but if short on time, this does a good job of toning and moisturizing at the same time!

I started using this a year ago and have not turned back. It's made a huge difference in my skin! Rarely do I get a pimple anymore, and something in this concoction makes me feel like it tightens my skin. I've seen it over and over as well as redness (think redness caused by excessive 'little veins') go away, and stay away!

Using chemical-laden products was so bad. They were also expensive and they didn't even work. I will never, ever buy store bought, mass-made, chemical CRAP again. My skin told me loud and clear I am doing the right thing. No more blemishes or big pores, my brown spots are disappearing and my skin continues to tighten and firm. Thank you, God!

If you're concerned about the coconut oil in the recipe, I get it.  I was too, because I can't do coconut as a moisturizer, but in this recipe it works so good!  99.9% of the people I have introduced this recipe to had wonderful things to say about it. Nuff said!

Some comments I made about Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild Organic Castile Soap when I made my very first batch of these cleansers at my own make n take. (I understand changing takes time and I thought the soap was so expensive!) "You get 32 oz.for about $19 - its ridiculous how far this will go! I made @ 15 of these jars of makeup remover & 3 foaming hand soaps and the bottle still looks new! I can make FIFTY items from one bottle! Castile is incredibly versatile (for hand soap, dish soap, detergents) it's all natural, ORGANIC and for $19 this is a bargain! The bottle itself is a wealth of information! Why doesn't everybody know about this?"

Well, we are working on letting everybody know about this, right now. :-)  HUGE thanks to Tracey Campbell for sharing with us! YOU are gonna love it.

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There's a whole page in it just for the Facial Cleansing Wipe ingredients, and related pages would include 
Hand Soap, Sanitizer & Foaming Pump Containers Martha Stewart stickers. :-)
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Unknown said...

What do you think about using frankincense and melaluca?

Anointed by Abba said...

Hi! My honest opinion is to save the Frank for moisturizer. It's a pricier oil and I'd hate to wash it down the sink! I have heard of really good results from orange and melaleuca though. :-)

desirae brouillard said...

Lav,frank,and tea tree (4,4,4). Lovely ♡♡♡♡ I used hemp oil, which FYI is green ;)

LMB said...

Just a quick question: do you need to rinse your face with water after using the wipes, or do you just let your skin air dry?

Anointed by Abba said...

That's great!! Thank you for sharing! 😄

Anointed by Abba said...

Hi! Rinse with water, and I suggest using a clean, soft towel to gently buff your skin dry.

LMB said...

Great!! Thank you so much! I'm going to have my daughter use these too.

Anointed by Abba said...

You're very welcome! Because we have an esthetician on the team, we are posting skin recipes frequently. Have you liked us on Facebook yet?

Lori Hanken said...

Will this remove mascara? Or should you stay away from the eys?

Anointed by Abba said...

Hi Lori. It does, and I do use these for that purpose. But, I found something fabulous for just eye makeup and it'll be posted very, very soon.

Savage Family said...

Maybe no one else is a klutz like me, but I did this and my pyrex exploded all over the place! Glass everywhere! And now I can't get a burner to light... second try I melted my coconut oil safely by putting the glass container in a bowl of hot water.

Anointed by Abba said...

Oh no! I'm sorry that happened to you and I'm glad you're ok. Thank you for sharing that! I am going to update the blog.

Anointed by Abba said...

It's been updated. You're a fine human being, madam Savage! :-)

Amanda Ruedas said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I made these today and I'm excited to share with my friends :)

Anointed by Abba said...

Awesome, Amanda! 😄 Thank you!

Anointed by Abba said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anointed by Abba said...

Two years in and I am STILL LOVING these! My eyes were opened and I hope to open many more!

Christine Whitehead said...

Can I use fractionated coconut oil instead? It's already liquid so saves the step of melting.