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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Linen Spray...

I get giddy over this stuff. Am I the only one? A cup of tea...comfy jammies....misting my sheets with Young Living lavender...tee hee hee!!! I'm excited! I filled the sprayer with water and added 8 drops of lavender. Need I say more? It's HEAVEN! So simple!

I thought something like this would make a nice gift too, and after reading reviews I wanted to have experience with the sprayers, so I bought two. (Thaaaaaaaat's right, this is the stuff I do for y'all!)

  This is the one pictured in the linen spray graphic, except it arrived clear in color instead of green. I remember there being a 'no color guarantee clause' when I was purchasing, and I really wanted green, but it didn't make or break the product. My heart leaps when I look at this lil sweetie, and it is getting a permanent place on my nightstand! The reviews on this were mixed, because the pump part is plastic and people were upset because they felt deceived by the metal color, but I'm OK with it because I knew what I was ordering and took the chance. Since purchasing the seller changed their description and good reviews are beginning to come in. The sprayer part is not quality, but it works delightfully, and as long as I don't pump straight Thieves through it and let my kids play soccer in my bedroom, I think it'll be OK.  

I also purchased this sprayer because it's pretty and the entire sprayer is made of metal. It had a decent amount of good reviews. The negative review I remembered said that it leaked, and I did experience that, but it's not quite a leak--once I realized what the issue was it was easy to address. This bottle has a higher quality, metal, adjustable nozzle which is really cool, but it can leave a dangling drop, which then falls off and rolls down the bottle. I filled this one with Peace & Calming II so I am being careful about drying the tip after I spray, but both of these will be best seated on a little plate or a coaster.

If purchasing a gift for an oiler AND plant lover this looks awesome! This is a gift set with a completely metal sprayer and watering can which are handmade in England and also has a decent amount of good reviews. I wanted to buy it, but I think two is enough - for now. ;-) 

There was one other I'd consider and it's in the A-store as well, the rest I searched through gave me reasons to skip them whether it was poor reviews or shipping costs. The A-store is accessible through the affiliate links or through 'shop now' on the Anointed By Abba page. If you'd like to take advantage of a great deal on the Young Living Starter Kit or buy a few oils, click here to get started: Learn more, sign up.  E-mail us anytime.

Oh m'gosh...SO CUTE!!!

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