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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Multi-purpose Power Powder -with Young Living Essential Oil

Almost accurate! Each oil product I now make at home replaces HUNDREDS of chemicals. It's true that even oils are comprised of hundreds of chemical components, but the difference is...ahem...NATURE. Be sure to scroll to the verrrrry bottom of this post for a heartfelt question and another recipe.

I used to like to clean. A lot. I still enjoy it at times, when it's not rushed and it's done with love. I sure like cleaning more when it provides aromatherapy! That's why I'm nuts about this multi-purpose powder. It's nothing more than good old-fashioned baking soda and Young Living Essential Oils in a cute mason jar with a shaker top. I keep these stashed through out the house, and when it's time for something, I grab it because it's there! I use it for a non-toxic carpet freshener, as part of my super sink scrub, glass cooktop cleaner, (it can be used on a grill, too) all OVER in the bathrooms and when not in use, it just sits around smelling pretty! (Hee hee...so yeah...I keep one in my teenage son's room!)


You're going to see the SAME ingredients listed with several uses, and many oils fit right in it. Thieves, Purification, Lemon, Orange, Citrus Fresh....which oils are you feeling like using today? Simply whisk together in a glass or stainless steel bowl, 8-10 drops of essential oil per cup of baking soda. If you like it stronger, (and I do!) go for it! There is no such thing as 'messing this recipe up', but I do want you to use your oil the wisest way for you. Always test your surfaces for discoloration etc, and use your noggin! < --- disclaimer pro


Sprinkle and let it sit for 20 minutes or so and vacuum. It works GREAT - better than toxic carpet deodorizers or air fresheners.
 If you're not sure why those are such a bad idea, check out this article from Dr. Axe. (If you can get past the obnoxious prompts and ads, that is. Sorry, Doc. Truth!) What goes on our floors may go more places than you care to imagine. Especially if you have pets or kids. 


I made a paste from 2 Tablespoons of the multi-purpose powder, added 4 drops Young Living Lemon oil, and a 1/2 teaspoon of Young Living Thieves Dishwashing Liquid and then just added a little water to make it into a nicely textured paste. I scrubbed the sink with a paper towel and was amazed at how clean and bright it came out. Coffee stains, gone. It smelled AMAZING!!! Oh how I love thee, lemon oil! Where the scuff marks are concerned I did use a little elbow grease, but it's worth the trade for the harsh, toxic cleansers considering that two of my children have what I'll call a little trouble breathing. Ladies 'back in the day' before toxic garbage cleaners....they had 'guns', if you know what I mean... That's a good thing! Plus, I still had to scrub with the harsh cleaners too. 

Tip: for extra tough stains, add a bit of hydrogen peroxide to your cleaning cloth or surface. (You're going to want to click on that one)

MOST of the time, all I do is sprinkle some of the powder in a wet sink and let it sit! My favorite part about doing that, besides being easy....and besides the smell of sunshine and happiness, is that I get to see what it pulls out of the sink. It shows up in the powder! The white powder will turn various shades of brown, grey, and yuck, depending on what was staining that sink. Try it!

Note: In my experience premixing the wet & dry is not as effective or easy to work with. The oomph is missing, it separates, it clumps. I like keeping mine dry and adding desired liquids as needed.

My OTHER favorite part about this is that what I rinse down the sink is just going to flow into the sewage system and do more good! Just like what we wash down the sink that ISN'T good gets into our food and water supply. :-/ I don't mean to send you on an all-expense paid guilt-trip, it's just that we KNOW better now and it's time to DO better.


Sprinkle, brush & flush. The end. :-) (I love Tea Tree for toity)


for baking soda and EO! How about a safe glass cooktop cleaner made with Young Living Lemon Essential Oil and baking soda!? WHAT a savings in dollars and toxins! almost can't believe it worked, but... you already know!! I used the MULTI PURPOSE POWER POWDER AS IS and added extra oil to moisten. Orange worked even better than lemon. Now tell me...could you scrub your stove with Carpet Fresh?

*Just mentioning, not suggesting, I have seen a straight edged razor tool used to remove the top layers of burnt crud on a glass cooktop.* I've done that too, but I prefer not to let mine get that bad. I wanted to give baking soda and EO a try on my cooktop after seeing this:


This will work on your oven and stove, too. I have not used this on my grill yet, but it came from YL and I've learned that I can trust them. Looks like vinegar is another smart option to moisten this simple mixture of baking soda and EO with, in addition to Thieves dish soap or even Thieves cleaner, in case it wasn't OBVI- so many safe and effective choices! Why do we support commercial cleaning companies again? Because they care about our well being? Or the planet? Or is it their charity work?


Mason jars are way cuter than the storebought chemical cleaner bottles/cans anyway, they save our landfills and this is so CHEAP! Heck yeah! If you have a 'parmesean' shaker lid try that for a jar topper. I hear it works! 

Another option for storage and practical usage is adding one of these ReCap shaker tops to a mason jar of the size of my choice. Very smart. They make great giveaways at your classes and for non-oily people, too.

If you're worried about using GLASS while cleaning, I get it. A little tip for glass jars & bottles is to cover them in decorative duct tape. :-) That makes your glass shatterproof, and pretty!

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