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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Oh, Christmas tree...

SO. MUCH. FUN!!!  My sponsor, Tracey Campbell is the cutest of the cuties.  She's just--totes dorbs.  :-)

Look at the display she set up for a class our team had.  She actually does this for MANY events for our team. Isn't it so fancy?!? I wanted a tree like this too, so I ordered a tree from Amazon. Next to hers, mine kinda looks like the Charlie Brown tree, LOL, but I did do it super cheap and it is still really cute. I also learned a thing or 2 that I can pass on to you!

So That's my inspiration, up there. Tracey got her tree at Battery Operated Candles.Net. (selling for about $60, w/tax and S& H figure around $75ish) She also has tons of flameless candles around her house all the time too, it looks so elegant, and she gets those here as well as the crystals.

And this here, is my lil tree.  I had a great time creating this with my kids, but I could never get it to photograph as nicely as it looks in person.

So, what I learned I could do different is: 

A) Use clear stretchy thread (the kind used for jewelry) instead of wire.  That's part of why I couldn't get it to photograph as nicely as it looks in person

B) Use some or all acrylic crystals instead of real ones. I do love the look of the fancy crystals, which were surprisingly inexpensive, but my tree is a lil on the heavy side! Also, Tracey's tree is 3 or 4 times as big and the acrylic strands do a great job of covering a lot of area.

C) Maybe use a little less stuff. This is true for my life, too!  LOL.  Her tree looks so elegant :-) or another thing I could do differently...    

D) Go ahead and splurge on a bigger tree!! :-)

This DOES count as recycling though... I am responsibly reusing my YL bottles! Plus, I am saving the "old" labels. You know, the ones that have all 3 uses for the oil on them...  I may go ahead and get those lighted letters Tracey has, too. When Tracey teaches a class in her home it is truly a feast for all the senses and looks so professional.  I found these on Amazon.  The rustic ones are pricier than the red, and of course, I am leaning toward the rustic look...

I am definitely getting more of these.  This is a great deal on wickless candles - 11 for $36 and they come with batteries, or 12 labeled 'outdoor' for $38 with batteries.  I've been paying too much at the craft stores!  Also - great deal on votives and 6 pillars, both free shipping with $35 purchase.

All of these items - plus tree choices, are listed on the "specialty" page of our A-store if you'd like to create this fabulousness for your home or events. Or if you're new to all this and need some of those bottles to empty out, we can help you with that as well! Click and read all the way to the bottom to learn about our offer for 25$ off the Premium Starter Kit.

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