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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Simple DIY Organic Scent Bricks

I've had a few requests for these and they are something I'd consider a necessity. SCENT BRICKS! They are very popular, but I think WE can do better than what we buy commercially. (cuz...'Merica!)  

n case you're not already aware of the risks of synthetic fragrance, take a look at this: 7 reasons not to use chemical air freshener. And as you can see in the graphic below, the commercial bricks need to HIT the bricks!  In fact, my daughter and I looked at the packaging on some store bought wax melts and the warning actually said "Keep away from children and pets".  Oh...OK.  And honestly, I prefer a diffuser for scent most of the time (plus health bennies) but I would like to use these in the winter...the warmers are pretty and that warmth & glow. :-)

Thank you Crystal Hovland for this graphic!

So, in my role as 'mad scientista' I discovered something verrry interesting about my recipe for healthier scent bricks. Maybe y'all know this already, but I'm just learning this one... This recipe doubles for lotion bars!! Yep! You should see the look on my face right now....  I can't decide if I wanna rub these on my arms or melt them in my warmer, so I'm very relieved that I don't have to.

Aaanyway, this recipe is completely flexible with the scents.  Insert your own oils d'jour.  My happy scent at the moment is this one...

This is what I started with and I varied it as I experimented.  (If you missed this post, don't worry, it's right here AND it's coming back around in a few days with a list of diffuser recipes :-) )

~For the bricks~

I used:
  1. 1/2 c. organic beeswax
  2. 1/2 c. organic coconut oil
  3. 1/4 c. organic shea butter
  4. 70 drops of oil

SEVENTY drops of oil?!? I know! When I was tallying it all up I almost XXXX a brick. But, before you throw tomatoes at your computer screen, let me explain... I made 12 bricks from this, it only takes 1 to melt and get the scent flowing in your home for hours on end, so just keep that in mind.  I do recommend using strong scents in your wax melts, such as Purification.  :-) They'll go farther.  Lemon Myrtle is my new favorite strong scent.  It's a cross between lemongrass and lemon and grass.  LOL.  I wrote a post about lemon myrtle not too long ago if you'd like to learn more about it.  (My feelings will NOT be hurt if you think it's boring, I know, I'm totes an oil nerd)

As I experimented with the recipe and learned I needed to add in more oils, rather than use up all my cinnamon bark, I went with Thieves, so here's a rundown of the oils I ended up with in my bricks: 

10 Nutmeg
10 Cinnamon Bark
15 orange
15 lemon myrtle 
20 Thieves

So, I just melted down the wax, oil and butter in a glass Pyrex measuring cup, added the EO and poured.  I also threw in fresh ground organic cinnamon for the heck of it.  Again, this is a new territory for me, so I don't yet have those cute little silicone molds, but as soon as my hubby builds me a giant, tiled craft room, I'll have lots of 'em. ;-) I am scrappy enough to think on my feet though, so I just used an ice cube tray as my mold and it worked out perfectly! 

You can buy molds like this at craft stores and also on Amazon. I chose some molds I thought were totes cute and added them to our A-store right under the page "Lotions, bricks, bars, and balms" which has all the ingredients to make the scent bricks.  Oh...look at that, you can use these to make chocolates, too...  

So, I've just returned from eating a half pound of chocolate and I am here to tell you that I also added a page just for wax warmers under "specialty" in our A-store .  There were some really cute ones and some were screaming deals, which makes me think of Christmas...This would make a great handmade gift for somebody fabulous.

Thank you for checking out our post today!  If you need to buy Young Living Essential Oils, start here: BUY YL or email us anytime. :-)


Unknown said...

i love you totes oil nerd... <3

Lisa K. said...

Has anyone used the Scentsy burners with these?

Rhonda said...

I love this idea . I just pulled out my cute scentsy burner and was wondering the same thing as Lisa K. Has anyone tried it in theirs?

Rhonda said...

I love this idea . I just pulled out my cute scentsy burner and was wondering the same thing as Lisa K. Has anyone tried it in theirs?

Anointed by Abba said...

Hi Lisa & Rhonda! Great question. Yes I did use this in my scentsy burners, and it wasn't melting around the edges, so I bought the warmer in the photo very cheap. That being said, I do think these would melt if I change my Scentsy bulb. I've owned it for years & never changed it! I just now replaced the bulb, turned it on and will update soon. ;-)

Anointed by Abba said...
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Anointed by Abba said...

Thank you for your question! I have... see reply below. :-)

Anointed by Abba said...

Thank you so much! Yes, I did reply, but I'm so sorry I did it as a separate comment you can see below. (I am a newer blogger!)

Anointed by Abba said...

Hmm...I replaced the Scentsy bulb and it still leaves a little bit of the wax unmelted around the edge. The new warmer did not... unsure emoticon Oh, and a PS to that....I got my hand covered in the melted wax, and when I rubbed it off my hands were SO soft. Like a paraffin wax, but without the petroleum. I LOVE MY EO DIY's!!!

sailormom61 said...

I made as directed using YL Christmas Spirit. Burned in scentsy warmer today and there was absolutely no scent. any suggestions?

anointed by abba said...

Awww, I'm sorry. That's the bummer with the scent brick-it can be hard to smell. I did specifically recommend using strong scented oils in the blog just for that reason (I'd rather straight up diffuse) but the good news is that you can melt & reuse these in a number of ways...

I had someone that used Christmas Spirit, not sure if that's you, but this is what I recommend:

Christmas Spirit is a very soft scent to me. If it was me, I would use most of them for another purpose, i.e. lotion bar.

Yet ANOTHER recipe this proportion of ingredients can be used for is lip balm. You could melt one or a few bricks down (depending on the size you made) and add no more than 1 drop of spearmint or peppermint and 4 drops grapefruit and you'll have a fabulous flavored lip balm.

I'm also stopping by my warmer and dipping my fingers in it & then rubbing my dry hands, elbows, toes...it's pretty fabulous for that purpose.

That's the beauty of using the pure & organic ingredients.:-) Versatility. Can't do any of that with a Scentsy!!

I would personally use lemongrass in some of my remaining bricks--at 11 bucks per 15 ml it's a great value. Melt them down and load it up good. Save for the right occasion or for a gift.

If you really want some that are holiday scented, think about adding in this ratio until it's strong enough: 2 drops pine (15$ per 15 ml) for every 1 drop cinnamon ($24 per 5 ml) Plus, you can add ground cinnamon to supplement that scent. Fresh grated from a cinnamon stick is VERY fragrant, as I learned and also mentioned in the blog.

I sure hope I've been some help! I'm sorry for your experience but there's no need to let this go to waste, and thank you for reaching out!