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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Smooth Move

No time to moisturize? This oil spray bottle was meant for the kitchen but I've found a handy use for it in my bathroom! I've added a skin smoothing combo of juniper, cedarwood and grapefruit to my carrier and can apply in seconds after shower. Luxurious!

The bottle in the photo above was purchased through Pampered Chef.  I ordered the vintage style bottle to try out, because even if it doesn't work for this purpose, it is so dang cute, I'll be using it for something else. The Fine Life bottle had A LOT of good reviews and it certainly appears to be worth the money and perfect for this purpose.

These items are available by clicking on the image or visit our A-store.  They're located on the page titled SPRAY BOTTLES BIG & SMALL.  Happy oiling!!

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