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Thursday, November 5, 2015

DIY Deep Relief...

Oh...my gosh.  Do you love Deep Relief like I do?  If you do, you've probably felt frustrated a time or four this year like me, too! I have been playing with this recipe for a while, and I am finally happy with it. Oh my gosh, it feels really good!

So, first I want to say that I can not help that I notice certain details, and I know that the formula for Deep Relief changed this year.  No announcement was made, but it did go out of stock for a looong time. When it returned I noticed a difference. I looked over the ingredient list and Palo Santo was no longer in it. In it's place was Dorado Azul. Not that it makes that much of a difference, but it made me get to thinking about creating my own DIY Deep Relief. Since it does go out of stock pretty frequently, this is a handy recipe to have on hand.

I ordered these green glass roll on bottles  from Amazon. I looked for bottles with a stainless steel roller ball and I like this one a lot. It allows a lot of oil to roll out, so I only roll on a little bit & rub it around.

The recipe has a large base of peppermint, as Deep Relief does.  Keep in mind if you are missing some ingredients, you are still going to get a powerful roll-on. In MY opinion, the most important of them are peppermint, clove & wintergreen (which isn't even in the original recipe but it made a HUGE difference getting this recipe to have an immediate effect) Everything else just makes it more fabulous. :-)  Because we are not allowed to give exact recipes, I am giving a range of drops, and I am serious, a drop or two either way will not make a difference in the big picture. So here it is:

40-42 Peppermint
14-16 Clove
10-12 Wintergreen
8-10 Palo Santo
7-9 Copaiba
5-7 Lemon
4-6 Balsam Fir

I topped it off with a few squirts of organic fractionated coconut oil and put a frosty snowflake sticker on it, because that's how it feels to me. It is a long-lasting feeling and I am very grateful for this as an option. I am thinking of making this a higher-end item at a make and take...;-)  It'd also make a great gift this Christmas for people who are fellow Deep relief fans.  

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Sarah Kershaw said...

Hi! Thanks for the idea of making your own deep relief! I noticed a change but just thought it was in my head :) Do you by any chance have a list of ingredients from an older bottle??