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Friday, November 13, 2015

Gift ideas

The number one choice if you want to score huge brownie points with your loved one is Young Living Essential Oils. (Men, I promise you--the points are HUGE!)

Here are some other things you can create with your Young Living Essential Oils and make an impression with--health-promoting, classy, handmade gifts.

A skincare basket with outrageously effective, yet safe cleanser, serum, & toner

Who doesn't love bath salts or lip balm?

Maybe organic
scent bricks and a warmer...

There isn't an oiler out there that wouldn't love some 'swig swag' or a portable diffuser. Click on the affiliate links & see a few ideas or browse the A-store.

And if you're just not sure which idea is the best, this one ALWAYS fits. :-)  In a $25 dollar increment, Amazon will include a greeting card of your choice, and at $50 or up they'll include a fancy schmancy gift card box or tin of your choice!  Amazon has something for EVERYBODY.


If you're giving any gift card, why not dress it up a little more and make someone feel fabulous? Add your homemade touch with a couple DIY's in a basket.

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