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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holiday Diffuser blends...

Holidays are here again! We are so blessed to celebrate with you! We love the choices for diffusing holiday scents since joining Young Living. The choices really are endless, and later you can read WHY these are actually good for you!

Young Living makes this much easier for us by creating an intoxicatingly lovely blend called Christmas Spirit, but this little nugget is good to know in a pinch! (It's also good any time of year. ;-)

Who DOESN'T like Chwithmus candy?!? Here they come! All zero calories! LOL!

And this one...delish!
Accidental extra drops haven't made it smell bad, either...WINNING

I accidentally added 3 drops of Peppermint in this and still, so YUMMY!!! I think it may be impossible to mess up this combo.

I really love Sacred Morning any time of day and in any season, but it is special for me in early mornings as a perfect companion to prayer or meditation. I can't keep this one to myself.  Try it! 

Heck yeah...

This is pretty darn divine. Simply adapted from the Cinnamon Pine Cone Room Spray Recipe, for a safe and healthy version of Cinnamon Pine Cones.

And our Snickerdoodle recipe is below. If you don't already know, read about WHY diffusing is a great choice! If you got it, scroll on down.

So, why diffuse essential oil?
Y'mean, besides why not?!

Yes, they do smell wonderful, but breathing in the aromatic compounds of essential oil has well-documented benefits.

A really cool piece of information is that the olfactory has a direct connection to the amygdala, which is the part of the brain that smells, and its also our emotional center.  This is one reason diffusing essential oils can have such a dramatic impact on how we feel. Like when I cook my grandparent's spaghetti sauce recipe, and I catch a whiff of it... I feel happy & relaxed just like I did when I was small. :-)

So, being a resident of Arizona, I LOVE Fall and Winter...  otes my faves. After our summer (and let's face it, an Arizona summer is not a season, it's a crisis) we cool down, relax and enjoy 
cooler weather. I like to savor holiday scents because they're attached to happy things like family time, baking....and wearing boots and scarves!!

I used to be a fan of candles and 
air fresheners from national chains and would go bonzai on the fall and holiday scents. Now I'm grateful to be a part of a huge team of Young Living essential oil users and educators who have created these delicious scents, but with a much healthier alternative to the chemical options.  If you're not already aware of the risks of synthetic fragrance, check this out: 7 reasons not to use chemical air freshener  Plus, no fires! :-)

Another recipe I created and LOVE!  Thanks to Miss Barb Likos with Crafty Side of Mom Off Track for sharing this one!

If you need an extra diffuser, but you're not quite ready to buy another starter kit, consider this one...

I have purchased a few of these diffusers and given them away as gifts along with Young Living essential oils. This one is German made and it works a lot like our Dewdrop but it's smaller in size, but not in aromatic output.  It uses less water than "Dewy" and it doesn't make any water sounds like "Rosy" (AKA Home diffuser, which is my favorite).  I also kept one for my son Sebby's room because he loved how sleek it looks.

**Update I now have 3 of this model diffuser in my home and have given away several as well. There is a video showing how easy it is to operate this diffuser here: jasmine diffuser video It will diffuse for up to 22 hours on the intermittent mode. And a link to buy this diffuser (in white) on Amazon directly for $49.99 currently:  http://amzn.to/2gu2nug

And what kind of a mother would I be if I didn't give a nod to my son Sebby's HUGE score!?  Isn't he smart to think of this? A portable cell phone charger battery and a USB diffuser!  :-) I've used this now both in doctor's offices and in hair salons with lavender to help ease that occasional anxiety, and it really does help! (Note: Thieves & other 'hot' oils are NOT recommended for use in these portable USB diffusers)

The USB diffuser is available through Young Living, and the charger can be purchased by clicking the photo or visiting our A-store

CHECK OUT THIS GIANT LIST of ESSENTIAL OIL GIFT IDEAS here: http://anointedbyabba.blogspot.com/2016/12/oily-christmas-gift-ideas.html

So diffuse, diffuse, diffuse!! If you are interested in a certain health benefit, get with your Young Living sponsor to get the information you need to decide what's best for you to diffuse. (Your sponsor is the person who helped you create an account!) If you need a sponsor message us on Facebook.

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Additional diffuser recipes available here: fall diffuser ideas :-) and enchanted diffuser blends

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