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Monday, November 23, 2015

Organic Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake

Need to get back on track before of after the holiday?  You're not alone!

I have so much to learn in the way of a better diet still, but one thing I am accepting is that every now and again it's good for me to do a cleanse. My most recent shot at the Young Living 5 day nutritive cleanse was my best yet! LOL. 
And I had the best results.

In an effort to keep myself interested in vanilla shakes 3 times a day for FIVE DAYS (providing 33 g of fiber daily) I added a little something 'seasonal' to the Balance Complete Shakes, and I can transfer this idea into ANY protein shake as part of a healthy lifestyle.


1/3 C. of organic canned pumpkin along with unsweetened almond coconut milk, ice and the pumpkin pie spice essential oils transformed my already yummy vanilla shake into a pumpkin pie protein shake!

Side note... See this?  This is why we pour our shake into glass before we add our essential oil. (And why I am slowly steering away from all plastics in my life) Essential oil as pure as Young Living's will devour petrochemicals without harming our body systems. Young Living's Vitality Essential oils are labeled for safe dietary usage, so be sure to read your labels.  

Read your food labels too! This is just one of many quality products Young Living has to offer. I have also used the pumpkin pie add-ons in the Pure Protein Complete Vanilla Spice shake mix as well, and it's not surprisingly, freaking delicious in that, too.

Immediately (at the end of day 1) I saw my face lose the puffiness that didn't belong there. At the end of my cleanse I saw better skin, like "wow!" skin, and other people saw it too. Apparently, I glow!

End of day 5, the bloated belly that was bothering me was long gone. And here's the kicker - my cravings for junk had changed into cravings for healthier food AND I craved healthier habits, like drinking more water (delicious with my EO) and exercise. Plus I stopped smoking my e-cig!! Amazing, eh? Read more about quitting smoking here: I quit the e-cig!!! I found this cleanse a very helpful tool in breaking bad habits. (Update 12/1/2016--one year later, still cigarette and e-cig free!!!)

I did not weigh myself immediately after the cleanse, but 14 days after it ended I am down 6 pounds.  Woohoo! I feel really, really good too. :-)

Just what I needed to enter the holiday season feeling better this year. Prior to blogging about how Young Living Essential Oils changed my life I was teaching Zumba part time. So going from very physically active to very sedentary I basically tacked on my 'freshman 15'. LOL!

Now I'm seeking a balance with help from my Young Living Essential Oils and the vast amount of support my team offers me and you can be a part of this, too.

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A healthier, more balanced lifestyle is less expensive, easier and tastier than you think!

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