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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Salt of the Earth

Last year I had some things going on that could have been attributed to just about anything. In my research to help myself feel better I discovered something important. Good old white table salt...sucks. :-) It sucks! I thought having iodized salt was helping my situation, and it may have been, but I took it up a notch from there and switched to Pink Himalayan Sea Salt after I learned about it's benefits. Check out what Livestrong has to say about Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.  COOL, huh?

I read that the body needs 84 minerals, and isn't it a co-inky dink that Pink Himalayan Sea Salt contains 84 minerals? I have replaced all other salt with this one and it feels like the right thing to do! I have yet to try this (maybe a gift to myself?) but, boy it looks and smells FANTASTIC! We can use any oil that tickles our fancy in this, but I'm a bit of a lavender freak, and I know this will go over well with teachers, caregivers, and team members. I was generous with oils here, use less if you want. A little can go a long way. But, talk about easy! 

Fill your desired container with coarse Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (to measure) and pour into a glass or stainless bowl. Mix 15 or so drops of Young Living Lavender with a metal spoon, and funnel into your tight sealing bottle.  Seal that puppy up and Mother Nature does the rest.


Another lovely and easy idea for teachers, team members or even yourself is a bath soak using finely ground Pink Himalayan Sea Salt mixed in with your baking soda and Epsom salts. You can simply use equal parts of each instead of the original recipe. There's no losing in bath salt!

There are some pretty and also functional jars & canisters shown in the A-store for ideas, but I encourage you to reuse things you have and find unique stuff whenever possible! 


Most recently I learned about those interesting looking Pink Himalyan Salt Lamps. I heard that they help purify the air. Well, they sure look cool, so I went ahead and got one. What I didn't expect were my sons' reactions...  My 12 year old is fascinated by the science, and my 15 year old is MESMERIZED by how it looks. He said it's the coolest thing he's EVER seen. (really?!?) OK so, he'll be getting one of these this year, too.

One Abba partner, Kim, will actually LICK her salt lamp whenever she feels she needs it - which makes me LAUGH, but how PERFECT did God make us to go with the earth!?!

Click on the photo to check out the lamp for yourself, or use any of our a
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Speaking of being perfectly made for the Earth... God made the Earth and it's plants before he made US. Those plants give the air the oxygen we need to SURVIVE. Their 'blood' just may have something else to offer us by way of good health. Why not?! Oh, could I go off on that...

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