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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Peppermint Candied Popcorn

WHAT a yummy treat!! HUGE thanks to Susan Bidell with Essential Oils For Wellness for 
this idea! 

My 9 year old daughter was searching for something she could actually make by herself to give to her brothers for Christmas. She was sweating a bit over her original idea of dried apple slices, because we couldn't get a 'private' block of time big enough to get this done in secret before Christmas. So when I saw a version of this recipe on a friend's page, I knew we could tackle this lil project with grace and ease! It turned out to be fun too, and just so happens to support great digestive health! LOL! :-)

I'm all for multi-tasking, so when I saw I needed to run out for the white candy coating to make it right away, I thought "Hmm, if I put the candy canes in a ziploc and stick em under my tire before I pull out of the garage, I'll come home to crushed candy canes!" :-) Well, it was hilarious, but I was wrong, so don't bother with that... My daughter used the flat side of a meat cleaver to pound 3 large candy canes into powdery perfection. :-)

We put 1/2 of a 12 ounce bag of Ghiradelli White Melting Wafers in a makeshift double boiler over medium heat, while we popped 1/2 cup of kernels in a hot air popper. (It made a large bowl of popcorn - mixing bowl sized)

Once the wafers had melted we removed it from the heat and added 1 Tbsp of organic coconut oil to make it more spreadable, and 5 drops of Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil to make it fabulous. **Be careful...we were only shooting for 4 drops--and peppermint is really easy to overdo!**

We lined a 13 x 9 baking pan with wax paper next, and mixed about 1/2 the candy coating mixture into the bowl of popcorn and 1/2 the candy cane powder and carefully folded it over and over to spread it around evenly. We poured the popcorn into the pan, leveled it out and drizzled the remaining candy coating mixture on it with a spoon and sprinkled on the remaining powdered candy cane. After she quit laughing, my daughter gave it two thumbs up. :-)

It was delicious while warm, and it's still delicious after setting up. Once the candy coating hardens, the popcorn might need a liiittle help separating.. (Hmmmm, maybe we could even make theses into popcorn balls! Edible ornaments next year? ;-)

Anointed By Abba gives this a TEN, and I'm sure the boys will as well! :-)

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

100% Organic Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

The BEST, EASIEST moisturizing product I have is homemade and it's 100% organic. (And yes, it's edible!)  

As it should be, because what goes ON our body goes IN our body. Our skin drinks in what we put on it and the substances are in our blood in seconds.  After years of not knowing better, I'm happy to help support my body. This DELICIOUS all natural, organic recipe puts life energy my body. (Every batch of Young Living essential oil is actually tested to be sure it has consistent frequency --measured in megahertz!)

Pretty simple. You absolutely can make this with just the coconut oil, sugar and Young Living essential oils. The rest of the ingredients are serious bonuses for your body.

We avoid the microwave as much as we can because it destroys good things in foods and found it convenient to melt the coconut oil and shea butter together in a Pyrex glass measuring cup directly on the stove.

Use glass or stainless steel to mix and store your ALL of your oil products, because essential oils pull toxins out of petrochemicals, such as plastic.

This scrub is FABULOUS (and the essential oils used are interchangeable--in case that's not OBVI) for days that I don't have time to moisturize another way. After I've done what I need to in the shower I can rub this on, rinse off and be intensely moisturized for the day. Plus, the peppermint is so energizing. It's also great if my feet are tired and hurting. Maybe that's all I have time for mid day is a foot scrub...what a lift! I use it in the bath too. Makes me feel so fancy. There are so many ways to love a scrub. (It's not a secret that they're yummy, right?  LOL!)

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Glass jar ideas:

Check out this link for information on DIY or storebought organic vanilla.

And make it perty... These candycane labels look like they'll fit nicely on mason jar lids, and I'm a huge fan of the stickers and bling. Those little touches are what make your gifts special, even if it's a gift to yourself. :-) 

Speaking of, YES it makes a difference which oils you use! (Essential oils you buy in a store are not for internal consumption, and they will say so right on their label!)  This scrub is just one of dozens of ways Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil made my life better. Big pharm would rather I didn't tell you the rest, but they're pretty well documented. I always encourage you to do your own research.

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Somebody fabulous needs this scrub.... 

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

100% Organic Blemish Buster

I am still getting rid of old products I no longer use and came across a tube of Burt's Bee's Herbal Blemish remedy, and I decided to ditch it and DIY it with my YLEO! Based on the ingredient list, I added some oil I wouldn't have thought to add...

I started with a glass roller bottle (this one has a stainless steel roller ball) and added 4 drops Young Living Therapeutic Grade Clary Sage, and 2 drops each Fennel, Tea Tree and Juniper and topped off the with Humphrey's Organic Witch Hazel.

My skin is pretty good right now but I know I have a forehead in this house that could try out a product like this. I LOVE when my kids are open to the oils. Chances are if I involve them, they teach ME something. LOL. So I asked my my teenage son to try a little and he rolled it on and kept rolling, and rolling and rolling.  I told him, "You only need a little bit" and he said with a sheepish grin, "I know, but it smells so good right now." :-)

It's pretty typical to get blemishes on our faces during the holidays. Usually I'll have at least one event I'm looking forward to, and miraculously, that's when they show up. I'm glad I have this on hand.

Don't have therapeutic grade Essential Oil?  Whether you want a couple oils or want to know more about having your own wholesale membership and 24% off retail prices, here's your hookup:  Check out our offer...:-) We are offering you $25 back on the purchase of the Young Living Starter Kit! ;-)

Essential Oil Ingredient Benefit List:

  • Clary Sage can help to regulate excess sebum production and prevent acne from forming.
  • Fennel has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties that are effective in keeping the acne away.  Fennel is also a natural astringent with skin-firming properties that helps maintain the elasticity of skin.  Astringents help tighten pores and reduce oiliness.
  • Juniper oil has naturally occurring antiseptic properties and is known for promoting healthy circulation. Dr Axe has this to say about Juniper Oil:  With natural antibacterial and antimicrobial abilities, juniper berry essential oil is one of the most popular natural remedies for fighting skin irritations and infections. It can serve as a home remedy for acne and supports beautiful skin, reducing stretch marks and helping heal conditions caused by hormone imbalances. Use one to two drops mixed with a carrier oil as a gentle astringent or moisturizer after washing your face. You can also add some to your shower to help fight back or treat blemishes and foot odors and fungus.
  • Tea tree oil has a reputation that precedes it. It is very well known. I suggest googling 'tea tree skin benefits' and take a look at a site you trust to see what I am not allowed to put in writing!  It is all so good I don't think you'd believe it, anyway!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Frankincense tea--what do I do with the resin?

The original gift... What was given to baby Jesus by the three wise men was, at that time, worth more than gold.  Today, I suppose that would be left to one's opinion! 

Don't you love it when something reminds you of something you've forgotten about? Something that you've missed? I'm glad I am remembering my "frankincense tea". I need it. You may have to research that term for yourself or maybe "frankincense water" on a site you trust, but here's what I know. God created plants before he created people and I believe He created plants FOR us.

Last year I received my first shipment of Frankincense resin with my resin burner. I didn't like to burn the resin, but I liked to make this 'tea' from it. Now this year, I am enjoying burning the resin, but had forgotten about the 'tea'!  So I'm excited to have a cup tomorrow!

Affilate links for everything I use to make this concotion are included in the blog post right here. :-) I heat water in an electric kettle, (let it cool a bit from the boiling point) add it to a dispensing jar or mason jar and drop in an herb ball loaded with frankincense resin nuggets and let it sit over night. 17 hours is what I hear the perfect steeping time is, so that's what I shoot for. There are studies being done to see how this 'tea' affects occasional depression and all kinds of aches (read more about all of that at wikipedia dot com) but I am here to tell you...this is the biggest kick in the behind I have EVER felt, that would be along the lines of an energy drink. LOL!  In fact, BE CAREFUL!! And for me, this suppresses my appetite as well. 

The frankincense resin can be steeped over and over until it has no 'juice' left in it (the punch dwindles after each steep) and it can be CHEWED after that.  I know, weird, right? People of the Middle East chew this all the time, like a chewing gum, then after it has no more use in being chewed it can be swallowed. My son liked to do this for a while and it was weird to hear him say, "Mom, can I have another piece of frankincense?"

I would NOT recommend getting frankincense from any other source than Young Living. Young Living is the oldest, most trusted company around and has well-established relationships with our Boswelia tree growers in Oman. Many species of the Boswelia tree exist, but only a few contain the chemical constituents that make the oils (frankincense essential oil is derived from the tree's resin) actually 'work'. Young Living tests every batch of everything before it is ever shipped, so we have no problem personally guaranteeing your purchase. Frankincense resin is relatively cheap, and many love to burn it as an incense to increase their experience during prayer or meditation and this time of year it tends to go out of stock until next season.

To purchase genuine frankincense resin or any other Young Living products, start here.


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