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Thursday, December 17, 2015

100% Organic Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

The BEST, EASIEST moisturizing product I have is homemade and it's 100% organic. (And yes, it's edible!)  

As it should be, because what goes ON our body goes IN our body. Our skin drinks in what we put on it and the substances are in our blood in seconds.  After years of not knowing better, I'm happy to help support my body. This DELICIOUS all natural, organic recipe puts life energy my body. (Every batch of Young Living essential oil is actually tested to be sure it has consistent frequency --measured in megahertz!)

Pretty simple. You absolutely can make this with just the coconut oil, sugar and Young Living essential oils. The rest of the ingredients are serious bonuses for your body.

We avoid the microwave as much as we can because it destroys good things in foods and found it convenient to melt the coconut oil and shea butter together in a Pyrex glass measuring cup directly on the stove.

Use glass or stainless steel to mix and store your ALL of your oil products, because essential oils pull toxins out of petrochemicals, such as plastic.

This scrub is FABULOUS (and the essential oils used are interchangeable--in case that's not OBVI) for days that I don't have time to moisturize another way. After I've done what I need to in the shower I can rub this on, rinse off and be intensely moisturized for the day. Plus, the peppermint is so energizing. It's also great if my feet are tired and hurting. Maybe that's all I have time for mid day is a foot scrub...what a lift! I use it in the bath too. Makes me feel so fancy. There are so many ways to love a scrub. (It's not a secret that they're yummy, right?  LOL!)

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Glass jar ideas:

Check out this link for information on DIY or storebought organic vanilla.

And make it perty... These candycane labels look like they'll fit nicely on mason jar lids, and I'm a huge fan of the stickers and bling. Those little touches are what make your gifts special, even if it's a gift to yourself. :-) 

Speaking of, YES it makes a difference which oils you use! (Essential oils you buy in a store are not for internal consumption, and they will say so right on their label!)  This scrub is just one of dozens of ways Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil made my life better. Big pharm would rather I didn't tell you the rest, but they're pretty well documented. I always encourage you to do your own research.

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