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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Frankincense tea--what do I do with the resin?

The original gift... What was given to baby Jesus by the three wise men was, at that time, worth more than gold.  Today, I suppose that would be left to one's opinion! 

Don't you love it when something reminds you of something you've forgotten about? Something that you've missed? I'm glad I am remembering my "frankincense tea". I need it. You may have to research that term for yourself or maybe "frankincense water" on a site you trust, but here's what I know. God created plants before he created people and I believe He created plants FOR us.

Last year I received my first shipment of Frankincense resin with my resin burner. I didn't like to burn the resin, but I liked to make this 'tea' from it. Now this year, I am enjoying burning the resin, but had forgotten about the 'tea'!  So I'm excited to have a cup tomorrow!

Affilate links for everything I use to make this concotion are included in the blog post right here. :-) I heat water in an electric kettle, (let it cool a bit from the boiling point) add it to a dispensing jar or mason jar and drop in an herb ball loaded with frankincense resin nuggets and let it sit over night. 17 hours is what I hear the perfect steeping time is, so that's what I shoot for. There are studies being done to see how this 'tea' affects occasional depression and all kinds of aches (read more about all of that at wikipedia dot com) but I am here to tell you...this is the biggest kick in the behind I have EVER felt, that would be along the lines of an energy drink. LOL!  In fact, BE CAREFUL!! And for me, this suppresses my appetite as well. 

The frankincense resin can be steeped over and over until it has no 'juice' left in it (the punch dwindles after each steep) and it can be CHEWED after that.  I know, weird, right? People of the Middle East chew this all the time, like a chewing gum, then after it has no more use in being chewed it can be swallowed. My son liked to do this for a while and it was weird to hear him say, "Mom, can I have another piece of frankincense?"

I would NOT recommend getting frankincense from any other source than Young Living. Young Living is the oldest, most trusted company around and has well-established relationships with our Boswelia tree growers in Oman. Many species of the Boswelia tree exist, but only a few contain the chemical constituents that make the oils (frankincense essential oil is derived from the tree's resin) actually 'work'. Young Living tests every batch of everything before it is ever shipped, so we have no problem personally guaranteeing your purchase. Frankincense resin is relatively cheap, and many love to burn it as an incense to increase their experience during prayer or meditation and this time of year it tends to go out of stock until next season.

To purchase genuine frankincense resin or any other Young Living products, start here.


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kathleen mahoney said...

Thats so interesting, thank you for sharing! I use YL oils, and so I wondered if I could just make the tea with some of the oil instead of steeping the resin?

Anointed by Abba said...

Isn't it? Thanks for reaching out Kathleen! You sure can make a tea with a few drops of Frank. :-) I know it will be a different taste, just because resin steeped in water permeates more of the water molecules, but but I don't know if or how the benefits differ. I DO know either is good for your body! Oh, and a PS to this is that the resin is around $16 as wholesale member. 😊 Thank you again for supporting our efforts!

Anointed by Abba said...

I think I replied in the wrong spot. Lol. Be sure to take a look. :-)