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Friday, January 22, 2016

100% ORGANIC Couples Massage Oil - 10 things I learned about love &oils

Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer! In no way should you substitute what's in this blog for your own judgement. (That's how you know it's gonna be good-LOL!) These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and always consult with your doctor before beginning any health regimen. This blog also contains affiliate links!

SO, here we are. :-) Another Valentines's Day is upon us. This one is going to be oilier than in years past, and WOOOHOOO! I learned a thing or ten about making things fun and exciting...between the sheets. (A little fortune cookie humor for ya) 

The first thing I learned is that a regular evening massage has never, ever hurt a marriage. LOL! So if it's not part of your routine, think about adding that in. ;-)

You can store a non toxic DIY massage oil in a glass pump bottle, like one of these (I do not recommend plastic) and decorate it if you want to. (You should DUIT, it's fun) I added flourish stickers and some black bling

The second thing I learned is that sensing things through touch is amplified with any carrier oil no matter which side of the oil you're on. Let that one sink in...hee hee hee!

Third--there are tons of gross things in storebought massage oils and lubricants that aren't safe. Are y'all familiar with parabens? They're linked to cancer and they're IN the stuff you can buy in the store. (Seriously, parabens have been found in breast cancer tumors!)

I am so sorry to say this now, but now would be the time. The fourth thing... We shouldn't put anything ON our bodies that we would not put IN our bodies. Mmhmm. I'm not saying I would, but we should be able to eat it...all. : )

My first experience realizing this was when I applied YL peppermint topically, and a few hours later I burped and could taste it! A light bulb moment for me, because I realized my body is constantly taking in and using what I am putting on my skin - no more denying that. And there aint no parabens in nature! Our bodies just store them. Essential oils, however, are recognized by the body, and the're utilized and also quickly metabolized. They get in, do their job and get out. That's why we love them! And we love them in the bedroom! (Hooray!) Back to the subject...

Another thing I learned is that there are a ton of benefits to using coconut oil in our diets, and therefore it is a great choice to use on our skin. That's five, cuz I didn't even count all the freebies in the last paragraph...

Here's a nice safe dilution for newbies. Old pro's can double or even triple it up. If you want even more heat, add in some black pepper essential oil, which now comes with a dietary 'vitality' label. LOL! Make some salad dressing, make some sex oil. :-) It's all good. Whatever you're comfortable with, cupcake! The fun part is you get to play with different recipes and see what works for you two... 

*If you don't have these oils, try 20 grapefruit or orange vitality with 10 peppermint vitality and see how that works. Maybe even add in a drop or two of Thieves vitality for heat? Tee hee! Or Stress Away, cuz...stress...away!?? That, and vanilla is one of the top scents that men find sexy. JS.

Directions: Massage on inner thighs and run for the hills.
LOL! Oh, I'm having flashbacks of our early oily days... : ) If you want to know how to get your man 'on board' with 'these oils', bring them into the bedroom! He'll be chasing you at night and stalking the UPS truck by day.

That really happened....HahahHAA!

The 6th thing I learned is more like 10,000 things I've learned about essential oils supporting a good healthy body. Hopefully you're on the same journey already and learning lots about that too. For instance, good blood flow contributes to a healthy sex life for him AND for her. If you're not getting an education on what essential oils can do for you, click here to get started learning more.

Soooo, I've had Sensation essential oil blend for a long time and thought it was a lovely addition to my collection of essential oils inspiring romance (Swoon!) before a good friend told me what to REALLY do with it. So, I'll let you in on this little 'secret' too, OK? One drop--applied neat--there. Yes, there! Right on the hoo-ha equals wa-hoo. There, I said it. And that's lucky number 7.

So, a heads up, that's not going to work for everybody. If you're new, dilute that into a tsp. of fractionated coconut oil or more. As with any oil and any application - go slow.

This is what the Reference Guide for Essential Oils has to say about the blend Sensation: Oils in this blend are rosewood, ylang, ylang and jasmine.
  • Rosewood: is soothing to the skin, appeasing to the mind, relaxing to the body and creates a feeling of peace and gentleness.
  • Ylang Ylang: may help balance the male-female energies so one can move closer towards being in spiritual attunement and be able to focus their thoughts, filtering out the ever-present garbage. It brings back feelings of self-love, confidence, joy and peace
  • Jasmine: is very uplifting to the emotions; it may produce a feeling of confidence, energy, euphoria and optimism.

Because the aroma of this blend of oils is so uplifting and arousing, it creates a feeling of excitement and romance, which may help move one to new heights of self-expression and awareness. So yeah...yeehaw, number 8.

The ninth thing I would like to share is this interesting comment on "Laura's Essential Oil Blog", found in my research for this blog, and it made a lot of sense. "This morning I had a moment or two while eating breakfast to read in an aromatherapy book and I found the most amazing thing. It seems that men make a hormone called androsterone which is secreted in their armpits. This hormone which is in a man's body odor, when inhaled by women, regulates her hormones. The author recommended that a woman have sex 3 or 4 times a week and sleep with her head nestled against her husband's armpit in order to regulate her periods, etc."

Man & woman - I would believe that we are chemically dependent on each other! Physical closeness IS a key part of marriage. And a lot of times, physical closeness can be a 'way in' to overcome some kind of emotional distance. God sure created interesting creatures!

And #10? **drumroll** In a word--Goldenrod. **cymbal crash** Let's just say it lives up to it's name. : ) Now I know why it's always out of stock!

If you're not scared, read our post sharing the best Valentine's roller ball recipes 2017.

We're working on 
fun diffuser recipes for inspiring romance...

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