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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A twist on tea!

You will need a hot cup of tea. Go ahead and get that going...I'll be here. :-)

I had this leftover coconut oil + Jade Lemon EO (from my last romp with lemon cake) and had it set to the side in the kitchen. Tonight, I was waiting for my electric kettle to heat water for tea and I spotted this little dish and thought, "Hmmmm." :-) And...

                     YES!!!    YES!!!    YEEEEEEES!!!

I know coconut oil is very good in coffee--like a creamy, dreamy vacation-good-in-coffee, but I haven't had it in tea until today. I added a little stevia and this is cup number two! :-)

If you know about the benefits of coconut oil already, then WOOHOO! :-) If not, today is your lucky day! I found myself surprised at what I've learned. Check out this article from Coconutoil.com and be amazed. (affiliate links included)

If you think you know the benefits of lemon oil, I bet your mind can still be blown... Do a search of your own on the main chemical constituent of lemon oil, D-limonene and see what you come up with. (SRSLY--DO IT!)
I have an aging father and I recommended this concoction to him for ALL of the benefits...and now I know it's tasty one, too. 

I really don't want to over-link you, but this is important...even if you just skim this article about non-dairy coffee creamer by Dr. Mercola (get it--skim? :-)) you'll pick up valuable information.

Then, take a sip of your coconut oil concotion, so you can increase the chance of retaining the information!

If you'd like to order Young Living Jade Lemon Essential Oil (the only brand you should ingest, 
in my opinion) or just learn more about it, start here.

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Betsy Ferrell said...

Thank you so much for sharing with us. I love your ideas and recipes. I am also an independent consultant with Young Living Essential Oils, an assistant pastor and I love the name you all have chosen for your page. Prayers of blessings for each of you.

Anointed by Abba said...

Thank you so much Betsy! One partner, Kim, picked the Abba...I just knew we were anointed. :-) We appreciate your feedback and your blessings. We pray for abundant blessings on our readers, too!

Muhammad Amiruddien said...
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