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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

All-natural Clean Shower Spray

This is the level of cleanliness I get to enjoy in my clear glass shower. All I am doing is spraying it down after I shower--nothing more. It air dries, and my respiratory system is so very grateful. :-)

It's so clean there's a glare...
Once AGAIN, my mentor Tracey Campbell of TLC One Drop At A Time has shared a time-saving, life-changing recipe with us!

Check out the all natural ingredients below:

Isn't that an easy recipe?  It DRAMATICALLY reduces hard water spots in my shower.

And here's a nifty 'idear'...repurposing my Thieves bottles. I bought these black spray triggers through Abundant Health 4 U for a couple dollars each, but you could use any sprayer, really. Once I have my 32 ounces mixed I divide it up and conquer showers all OVER this house.

If you are a germ in my house--be afraid...be very, very afraid.


Click this link for a little more information on our Thieves Dish Soap used in this recipe. 
These are the things making our lives better and easier, and we want to share with you!

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