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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Iced Lemon Cake 2016

I learned a valuable lesson this year.  Always confirm your photos are good before you eat your blog post!!! LOL! I ended up buying the image I used to make the post from Canva, so here's a shot of this cake at our very first make n take in January 2014. I've heard this is a knock off of the Starbuck's cake and although I have not tried that myself, (research trip!) I believe it must be as fabulous as theirs. I made 2 of these for my family this past Christmas. There was none left. And this is always a hit at YL events.

can't resist this except from a blog post I made about the first time I made this recipe last year. If you want to skip to the recipe, scroll down. ;-) 

Katy stayed home from school sick this morning. She still has a little temperature. After I dropped the boys off at school I went to Walmart to get mason jars and sugar. (I CAN'T STOP MAKING SCRUB!!!) I got some stuff for the house, stuff to decorate jars and a bunch of cute duct tape to put on chapstick tubes a rug, and--**ring ring ring**--Katy called me. I guess I was taking too long, and she sounded pitiful! "Mommy, I need you to come home and hug and kiss me!" So I grabbed the stuff I really went there for while we chatted, and I told her when I got home we were going to bake a cake. You would think she was told she won an all-expense paid trip to Disneyland. She was screaming, hootin' and hollerin'!

She helped me unload the car and we got to measuring and mixing. She asked to taste the batter when we incorporated the dry and wet ingredients, and I figured it'd be fine, ‘cuz they aint no grocery store eggs! (My partner Kim gave me eggs her hens had just laid!) We were both making the 'mmm' sounds, and then, we added the coconut & lemon oil. WOW. Another level of lemon heaven, right there! I did figure out how to remove my Kitchen Aid whisk...(I need a little graduation cap emoji right about HERE....)

So while it baked, I put on my new shower curtain hooks I picked up at Wally world--buttons with bronze-oil rubbed finish! (Couldn't take the brass tulips another minute) And I started singing my own version of Pat Benatar's hit, "I'm a...homemaker...a cake-baker...a temp-taker, don'tchya mess around with me." (I entertain myself) Took out 'my little pretty', let it cool, and then I panicked when I went to make the glaze. I hadn't read that through, and the cake sat cooling a while. But it turned out great--a beauty, nonetheless, and 3 pieces in...I can confirm--It is every bit as delicious as I imagined it would be. OUTSTANDING!!!

Here's Kim's original blog post with the recipe, and links to order anything you may need to make this delectable delight.

***This year I used Einkorn flour as well as ALL organic ingredients in the recipe as is (with Young Living Jade Lemon in the icing) and the flavors are PHENOMENAL!!

***TIP: To DIY your own organic powdered sugar...simply pulse your organic sugar in your food processor until it turns into powder.  (Cool, huh?)  A 1/2 cup granulated made about a cup powdered!

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