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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Organic Honey Lavender Sugar Scrub

Perfect for your Valentine's Day

Last week we shared another great honey recipe, and with that we learned a few things about honey that were too good not to share. If you haven't had your mind blown by honey yet, click here to read a bit about that.

A HUGE thank you to our sponsor, Tracey Campbell with TLC One Drop At A Time who created this gorgeous graphic and who provides us endless support.

We choose organic as often as possible because consumers speak with their dollars! How often have you wondered, "When will 'they' stop making 'crap'?" I know I've asked myself that a lot over the last decade, and the answer is "When we stop buying it!" 

We usually buy granulated organic white sugar and organic coconut oil at Costco. Raw organic honey and organic shea butter have been easier to find at reasonable prices on Amazon and we've included affiliate links for you as well. Buying organic is important even if you didn't accidentally eat a whole jar of sugar scrub. Not that we know anyone who has ever done that...

Something else that you totally need...a canning funnel.  Mmhmm.

Because you might be like us... make your first sugar scrub and never stop! Lol. (I do find this is the best way to moisturize) Nothing has beaten the sugar scrub for speedy, luxurious, and lasting moisture. And there's a feeling of being ALIVE with the exfoliation, so we just never run out this. 
(And the crowd goes wild...) About a teaspoon per body part is all we need.

If you've never had the pleasure of using Young Living Lavender Essential Oil, you really must. No other company cares for essential oil like Young Living. Lavender is one of, if not THE most adulterated or faked oils out there. In fact, more lavender is sold in France than what is actually produced!

Young Living tests every single batch of essential oil to make sure it contains each of the chemical constituents that make the oil 'work' before it's ever bottled and sold. There's so much to say on quality, and you can read a little more here if you'd like, and this--a MUST READ about our lavender, and we'll close with this thought.

Perfumes and fragrance not only DON'T provide you benefits outside of smelling good, they can also be harmful. Manufacturers don't have to tell us what 'fragrance' is in their ingredients list, even if it's hundreds of things and even if they're harmful. Please don't buy essential oil off a shelf.

Young Living takes their stewardship seriously. Do you take your health and well-being seriously? We do. And it's actually a lot of fun...

You are empowered, you are equipped, you are...

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