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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Thieves Liquid Dish Soap

Because this isn't a high sudsing detergent, it works great in the dishwasher too! Anywhere from just a couple drops to 1/4 teaspoon, so I tested that for myself! I used 1/4 tsp (a couple drops) and it did great! Free from SLS, dyes, SLES, formaldehyde, phosphates and synthetic perfume! A household staple for us! Read more about this plant based liquid dish soap, and some uses you haven't thought of!

One of the pages I visit had a discussion about Thieves dish soap and a super smart gal made this comment: 
"It's funny how we are so pre-disposed to one mindset and one "truth" that we are easy to be skeptical of anything different. When I first started using my Thieves dish wash liquid, I did my usual squirt of the soap in the running water. It made some bubbles but they shortly fell flat. I put some more in and it was, again, flat in no time at all. I admit I was a little concerned because I wasn't getting my visual confirmation of enough soap in the sink to make my dishes clean. I finished washing, rinsing, inspected and smelled and all indications pointed to they were clean but I was still confused. How can soap not be bubbly? Doesn't bubbles mean soap which means clean was the question I was wondering. I sent a message to the Young Living board here on Facebook and was told that the reason it doesn't bubble is that it doesn't have chemicals (which is a good thing). I did a little research on it and what I've found is that the advertising companies have us equating bubbles to clean.

SLS is one of the ingredients that's missing. Sodium Laurel Sulfate is what makes the bubbles and it's not good for us! You'll be surprised how many products that you thought were "safe" (even for children) contain SLS." 

 On that note, if you miss suds add a shot of Thieves Household cleaner while your sink fills for some temporary suds. They don't last long, but they sure do the trick for me! Try it!

--- > Here's an article by Dr. Mercola on SLS and it's safety. If you're unsure WHY SLS is a concern, click the link, scroll down and check it out for yourself!!! You will want to know this...

Suds or no suds...here's more of that eye-opening conversation: "I admit that in the beginning I was still a little skeptical on how effective this stuff was. I was missing that visual of the bubbles. What I've learned is that the bubbles are just a mirage of what is considered clean. When I look at what actually matters in terms of clean dishes (feel clean, smell clean, look clean) they all pass the test. Another big indicator for me is that the dishrag is not getting stanky! Clean and non-stanky rag are what I use to determine how well the soap is - not the bubbles."

Sounds legit! We do have to look at things differently and retrain our brains because this is so important. Even the 'safe' and 'green' brands at the store leave much to be desired. Become a label reader and you'll see. Many still have SLS and MOST have...fragrance. UGH! To me that's enemy number one because of what is allowed to be included and without being disclosed!

Young Living Royal Crown Diamond Adam Green sings the praises of Thieves dish soap: We just finished our first bottle of thieves dish soap! One of these small bottles lasted us two months (we don't have a dish washer so everything is handwashed) costing us just under $7 USD/month (+25% in ER points and shipped right to our door?!)

The formula is highly concentrated and doesn't take a lot, I imagine our second bottle will last us longer now that we know how little is needed. Small price to pay to not be soaking our hands daily in chemicals from traditional store brands, and the convenience of it is a big plus for us as well. Plus, we are able to tell others about our great dish soap and earn an income through referring others to YL, making our soap free, and even getting paid to use the soap!

How great is that, guys? Last time I checked Palmolive didn't offer a referral program...

Another green cleaning idea for Thieves dish liquid is right here: Check out our AWESOME daily shower spray that has been a lifesaver in more ways than one. Non toxic, EASY and SO inexpensive! 

And one more--making an effective and safe scrub is a cinch with a few drops of Thieves dish liquid and our TWO ingredient multi purpose power powder! < ---- check that out!

Click here for a DIY dishwasher powder. 

On a serious note, as I learned all these tips and tricks for natural cleaning I began to understand that over the last few decades, passing down these simple cleaning ideas is something I missed out on, and I felt like big businesses pulled the wool over our eyes. They're putting toxic chemicals in their products we don't need to clean, and we don't need 20 different cleaners. Reduce, reuse, and make sure what you rinse down the drain is good stuff. It all ends up in our food supply and ultimately in our bodies. We can do better! (And for less money!)

My favorite part is how powerful I feel as a consumer. I'm not contributing to big conglomerate companies that don't care if early puberty is an epidemic or if their product has chemicals known to cause cancer. And I love not clipping the damn coupons anymore! LOL. SIMPLE!

Why not be a part of the shift away from lab-created junk, and toward all that is naturally good? We are helping to change all the right statistics, friends! Learn how to get your Young Living Premium Starter Kit (which gets you 24% off your future orders) for about HALF OFF. This is also where yo click to check out why quality matters and why ours is absolutely unmatched. < --- click there
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