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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hairspray! Simple Organic DIY HAIRSPRAY!

I've been working steadily to decrease the number of synthetic & toxic chemicals that I have in my home and use in my everyday life. Same for my family. I admit that I still have a long way to go, but I do feel really good about the changes that I've made so far. Inch by inch. Little by little. :-) 

I am very excited to tell you about this next discovery. When I started opening my mind and thinking, 'OK, what product I would like to have a natural, chemical free version of?', one that came to mind was hairspray. I use enough of it!

This is
 such an easy, inexpensive recipe.  You can feel good about experimenting with it until you get it just right for you. Considering the number of chemicals in hairspray going on the scalp (which has large openings for the hair follicles that provide a fast track into the skin and therefore the bloodstream) it's worth a little time & effort to find a healthier alternative. (And breathing less of those aerosols!)

I chose tea tree for this and I love, love, love. Other great choices include Cedarwood and Lavender, but the possibilities are pretty endless. Blends formulated specifically for empowering us are coming to mind too, but I do suggest staying away from citrus oils, which are generally photosensitive.

You can play with the optional high proof alcohol. I used plain Grey Goose vodka and all I could think was, "Hmm, maybe some fun flavors?!?" :-) More alcohol may be needed in a humid climate to help with the drying effect.

I style my hair by rolling it in a roundbrush, 
using a spritz of hairspray at the root and blow dry my hair while it's on the roundbrush to 'set' it. Then I back comb it for volume, hairspray it again, and then smooth and shape it all into place and finish with a few spritzes.
Sometimes I still use my commercial hairspray after I back comb my hair and sometimes I use it as the finishing spray, but I am going to save my body TONS of chemical burden and save A LOT of money by consistently using this as my curl setter!! It's a great root lifter too! 

Here's a photo of me along with some of my amazing team at an event my parent team puts on each year, called Ignite. (I am in the blue jumpsuit--Hi!! :-) And I styled my hair exactly as described above.

If you're into your hair, you may need all the little details from my trials to help you get the best mix for you. ;-) Click here to read on... 

Here's a photo of me with my sponsor Tracey at Ignite 2016, and me 25 years ago. After what I have done to the planet with commercial hairspray for all the years of THIS, I owe y'all this recipe!

Here are affiliate links with Amazon that you can use to order 4 oz bottles with a fine mist spray (recommended over the trigger spray)  http://amzn.to/1mQOO7X and the pretty stickers http://amzn.to/1mQP0nK There were only a few of those left in stock, but your local Michael's may carry those. :-) 

I love this 
electric tea kettle for making frankincense tea, wolfberry tea, Thieves tea, any hot drink I can add coconut oil to, and it heats water for stuff like homemade hairspray in a jiffy as well. The right tools can help make a healthier lifestyle a little easier, and I will take all the help I can get!

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DIY organic hairspray, continued--for those who need the deets!

When I thought about 'how would I make hairspray?' my first thought was...sugar! But I talked myself out of it thinking it would be too sticky and would attract pests. I even discussed this with my ingenuitive, hair product-loving son. He reminded me of a conversation we had with his grandfather, who's from Poland, about the same subject. He reminded me that his grandfather used to make his own hair gel back in Poland out of beer and sugar. So, that really made me think - this is something that I need to look at.

I started experimenting after a sweetie in my essential oil group named Gina Schaaf posted a recipe for this homemade hairspray, but it had twice the sugar as the version above. I tried it and I was very surprised! Like really surprised. 

The first time I tried it was on hair that I had styled the day before with my conventional products, and the restyle came out so good I was dumbfounded. One of the things I noticed was that I didn't have a bunch of those wiry gray hairs, sticking up like normal when I use my store-bought hairspray. 

The next day I tried this double-the-sugar recipe again, but it was a rainy day AND I tried using ALL natural products. (How's that for a test!?) With Young Living shampoo and conditioner and my homemade hairspray - holy cow, I was in for such a surprise! My hair styled up and held up so good... and it did not feel sticky! I went to see my aesthetician that day and she was in shock at what I was able to do with just sugar and water. She couldn't stop touching it with her jaw hanging open! LOL

Now, the second day I restyled my hair and it came out great again, but toward end of the day I did not like the way my hair felt. :-(  It felt like cotton candy with sugar shard ends! Lol. And I now noticed it left quite a bit of residue on my roundbrush and on my counters & floors too. That wasn't going to stop me.

So, I got to reformulating. I tried cutting the sugar in half and that has been working perfectly for several weeks. And nobody can believe when they put their hands in my hair that I styled it with organic sugar and water! I added the Young Living tea tree right away for a healthy scalp (and it also makes this smell so good) and I just started this week with the alcohol to help the hairspray dry. I'm loving it!!

So, you have room to play with the recipe and make something that you like. This won't be for everyone, but it is very, very inexpensive to find out if it's for you. 

So, why would someone bother? I cannot ignore a few major points. The first is that I spend anywhere from $10-$25 on a bottle of commercially made hairspray. I am going to save myself boatloads of money by using my own product. 

Point number two is all of the chemicals that not only my body gets to avoid, but our planet gets to avoid too! I've been using this version of hairspray for about a month and as I said, I do use some of the the commercial hairspray to supplement my styling. What I hope to share is that it is possible to replace some, much, or all of what you are using with this completely organic product.

Let's work together to change statitistics!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Creamy Potato Soup with kale, Polish sausage and Young Living Rosemary

It is already warm where I am, but I promised my girl Anji, I would post a cold weather recipe. This one's for you, Anji! :-)

I found this recipe on Abundant Health's site and tweaked it for cold weather comfort. My whole family was STOKED over this... 

It was dinner two nights in a row - by request.


5 small potatoes
4 cups water
1 Tbsp. olive oil
1 tsp. salt
1 cup Polish sausage (fully cooked)
1 cup chopped kale
1 drop rosemary essential oil

** I also added black pepper and dried onion to taste, then finished this recipe with heavy cream....UGH--DELICIOUS! But yeah...extra calories. :-) Be sure to add the heavy cream at the end. :-) 


1. Peel and chop potatoes.
2. Place potatoes in a medium-size pot with water over medium heat.
3. Cook potatoes until soft. Remove from heat.
4. Use an immersion blender to partially puree the potatoes (or pour the soup into a regular blender). Add more water if needed to create a creamy soup consistency.
5. Stir in olive oil and salt.
6. Add kale and sausage to the potato puree. Return to medium heat on the stove, and cook until kale is tender.
7. Remove soup from heat, and stir in rosemary essential oil.
8. Serve soup warm with a roll or bread.

I made a very large batch of this soup, so I used a few tbsp.of this nifty seasoned salt (Thank you Tracey with TLC One Drop At A Time!) AND a drop of rosemary.

Gift-worthy Seasoned Salt:

Mix 6-8 drops Young Living Essential Oil in 4 ounces Himalayan pink salt and seal in a 4 oz. glass jar.

If you're not already up on why Himalayan sea salt is making waves, check this out: http://anointedbyabba.blogspot.com/2015/11/salt-of-earth.html

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Pollen Block

Where I live it very is dry, warm, and it is pollen-y. (Already!) Today it's also very windy. I have a little one feeling under the weather because of those 'seasonal irritations' that come from pollen. So when I saw a Young Living blog post for a solid perfume, it gave me an idea...*ting* (LOL!)

I added the oils I like for combating seasonal stuff, and I think I love this!! Affiliate links are included so you can DIY with YLEO too.

To fill a 2 oz glass jar I melted together:
*2 TBSP Beeswax (here are a few choices)

*2 1/2 TBSP Fractionated coconut oil (you can use V6, or any organic vegetable oil, several choices here)

Once melted remove from heat. Let it begin to cool for 10 minutes and add 10-20 drops of your favorite Young Living Essential Oils. 
In my mixture I used 8-10 Lavender
4-5 Copaiba
4-5 Tea Tree

Simply pour into your jar and allow to harden. I sped up the process by way of the freezer. It only took about 5 minutes in there.
If I had smaller glass pots on hand I'd have made several small individual packages for 'my herd'. I guess I know what's going on my next Amazon order!

I used to buy a commercial product that had a similar name, but I paid way too much for a tiny tube of it and now I shudder to think what was in it. When we know better--we do better. Right? I've been meaning to try this, so I'm glad the blog post and the yucky day came along together today. What a blessing!

I scraped a tiny dab of this and rubbed it all over my nose, everywhere I could get it - even inside, u
sing a cotton swab . That's the idea...put a layer of this down to catch all the irritants. I used to love that other product, so woohoo for natural alternatives! 

The EO I added are PERFECT for me and my kids. You can use what you like! The Tea Tree almost 
feels like a eucalyptus. Plus it's good for 4 million things that I'm not allowed to say! LOL. Lavender is known to calm and soothe. And Copaiba is so fabulous that I can't even tell you what it does! Please take the time to look up the main chemical constituents in our oils to see what they DO. Coapiba's are alpha humulene and beta caryophyllene. It'll blow your mind.

Hint: If you only have the starter kit oils, try 1-2 RC instead of tea tree.

Tip: for a 'looser' balm try less wax or add a Tbsp of shea butter

If you plan to DIY more things at home but don't have glass measuring cups, you're going to want to get a set. I like that I can put one directly in a pan of water on low heat instead of a double boiler, AND skip the microwave. (Move away from the micro--it's destroying all that is good) Then pour right out the spout. :-) This is a screamin' deal for a set of 3 glass measuring cups. 

I'm grateful for my team of educators at Young Living! With time and patience, we are changing things up in here! Tracey Campbell with TLC One Drop At A Time has been instrumental in our education and she shared this seasonal irritant roll-on relief recipe with us. Be sure to like her page!

Here are a few more roll-on recipes! (like that TLC page!)

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Friday, February 19, 2016

February 2016~Anointed By Abba Offer

The Young Living Premium Starter Kit is just $144 in February 2016, PLUS $25 back from Anointed By Abba. Outrageously awesome offer!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Simple DIY Eye Makeup Remover

Wooohooo! We have yet another fabulous idea from aesthetician Tiffany Burnside! Tiffany took our facial cleansing wipes recipe and played with it, omitting the soap and came up with the most awesome, gentle eye makeup remover recipe - ever! 

If you want to skip to the recipe, scroll a couple paragraphs. If you want to know why this is a big deal, read on.

I tested this recipe at the most vulnerable time for my skin. So here it is, I have a confession... For the last 10 years, before Young Living, I have been seeing another aesthetician and have been getting regular chemical peels on my skin. (Gasp!) Sounds awful, but don't let the word 'chemical' fool you - it's really just a vitamin A derivative. So, when I went to see her a few weeks ago, for the very first time in 10 years, she told me I did not need a peel. That was SO EPIC! My skin had no eruptions, no congestion - them's is fancy words for zits and black heads - and my skin looks bright, tight, clear and it looks healthy and young! :-) I chalk that up to a well balanced body and great skincare that I MAKE. MYSELF!!! :-) (Thank you, Young Living) 
I did keep the appointment and had the peel anyway, but will be researching and evaluating from here on out. ;-)
My point is, that I had just had this chemical peel and my skin was reeeally raw when I tested this recipe. This recipe is surprisingly extremely gentle! 

I think I'm surprised because - if you've read my blog about the 
lavender & tea tree facial cleansing wipes recipe, I swear on a stack of Bibles that the organic witch hazel is the reason it doesn't sting my eyes. Now I believe that the reason is because there's so little Castile soap in it. ;-) Mmhm. I've learned that the Thayer's brand of witch hazel, both rose petal and aloe, are very, very mild. They were perfect in this recipe! 

I experimented with many different amounts, products, and ratios, and this is what worked the best for me. In a 4 ounce glass jar, add:

2 tablespoons of Organic Sweet Almond Oil
2 tablespoons of Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel
1 tablespoon of distilled water.

To that, I added: 

3-4 drops Frankincense 
2-3 drops Lavender
1-2 drops Ylang Ylang

Frankincense is very good for eyes. If you research what frankincense can do applied topically around the eyes, I'm sure you'd agree - it's a great choice.

Lavender is nicknamed 'the Swiss Army knife'
 of essential oils because it is so incredibly versatile. I often apply lavender to my hands and cup my hands over my eyes to help reduce feelings of irritation. So, lavender was a natural choice in this mixture. We know how wonderful lavender is for our skin, always helping it to heal and be it's best!

Ylang Ylang is known to be great for balancing our skin, and that is why it's a choice in this recipe. If I had Rose oil I would have tried that in place of Ylang Ylang. :-)

Mix the ingredients. While everything is still swirling around in there, drop a small stack of cotton rounds in it. Press them down gently enough so that you don't force that precious liquid to spill out, and then keep smooshing cotton rounds into your jar until the cotton pads are just damp. You don't want them very wet. I'd say I was able to stuff about 40-50 in my little jar.

*Tip: If almond oil is too heavy for you try organic argan or organic jojoba oil. They're most like the skin's own sebum, which protects our skin from excess loss of moisture. :-) Everything else you'd need to DIY is right here in our A-store on the page called "eye makeup remover". 

It's been such a pleasure using this eye makeup remover! I confess! I have used it when I had no eye makeup to remove! Lol! I suppose it's prudent to tell you that you should give your eyes a rinse with water after you use this. However, I have used it many, many times and just left it on there, because it feels SOOO fabulous! It smells great too! My skin loves it.

My skin loved this when the most gentle of storebought products would normally sting it. This is an A plus product! Make it!! I've also been using this as an all over makeup remover when pressed for time - or just lazy, it's doing a fantastic job even with no rinsing!

And now I must back that all up with this PSA... I would never, ever try this with another brand of essential oil. Not in my diffuser, not on my skin, never ingested or around my precious eyes. Young Living is the ONLY brand that earns my respect every single day.

 Read about Anointed By Abba's $25 back offer also, as well as why there is so much passion behind the Young LivingQUALITY here. 

In case you missed these, here are the skincare products I'm making myself and using with better success than I have ever had in my life. To be totally open, I do use Young Living's line of skincare products too, but maybe one time for every 25 times that I use my own DIY stuff.  



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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Simple Organic Baby Powder Alternative

I thank God for the gift of plants so often lately I can actually envision living in a constant state of gratitude. Today I'm having another grateful moment. Blogging is not on my to-do list today, but I came across something that I feel so passionately about I must stop what I'm doing and share it right now.

I was cleaning out my cabinets again and was simply going to share this on my Facbeook page for my friends to see:

I'll be changing things inside my home for a long time, because baby steps makes the most sense to me. Very fitting that baby powder is in today's 'toss' pile! :-) I found a giant unopened bottle of this under my bathroom sink and it's time to let it go. I remember in the last round of cleaning out junk from my family's products, I wasn't ready to toss a "brand new unopened bottle of perfectly good" baby powder, so I threw out two 1/2 used bottles and kept this one. Just in case. Yeeesh...

"Johnson & Johnson - a family company" 

Here's a perfect example of why I am taking my money out of their corporate hands. 
Erin Brockovich posted on J & J baby and talc powder. Erin's article may help you or someone you love. Please keep sharing, people!! We weren't created to live with cancer and 1,000 other things that ail America today. Our bodies are a product of the environment WE have created for them and we can choose to do better. I am the CEO of my own health. Nobody is better suited for that job. 

So that was my post today, which turned into this blog. :-) I encourage each of you to do the same. We do have a say in the environment we create for our bodies, and for our future generations, too.

Click if you'd like to see Erin's actual 
Facebook post . As of the time of writing this blog it has nearly 57, 000 shares! We can do better as we learn how to, and let's educate others along the way. This is too, too easy NOT to to DIY a better version using natural, sustainable ingredients and the 'lifeblood' of plants instead of chemical garbage!

How about a simple less expensive alternative without those extra ingredients? :-) (Fragrance is a HUGE offender!)

This is a tried and true recipe my dear friend Heather Bartram has experimented with and so graciously shared her results.

Heather says: "I used Cedarwood, Lavender, and of course purification for well, Purification, lol!  The smell is light - you might want to mess with that a bit to make it a bit more tantalizing, but it works for me! It will make your skin gray with the bentonite clay, but who cares about that when you put clothes over yourself and walk out the door. It does work GREAT! Zero chafing under 'the girls'." (Heather uses this under her bra... ;-) What a great idea!!)
We've included an affiliate link to the page in our A-store that has what you'd need to DIY baby powder. Lavender is a great oil choice for babies. I've heard of folks using a few drops of Gentle Baby along with Lavender for their own baby powder scent, also. :-) (Me likey in the diffuser for nigh-nigh)

If you'd like to order or learn more about Young Living Essential Oils, including WHY the quality unmatched and so important, start here. 
There is great information about our true lavender as well as some information on why fragrance is dangerous in our blog called organic honey lavender sugar scrub. Check that out to find out why lavender growers of France came to Young Living for help. 

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Erin Brockovich~ Facebook post on Johnson & Johnson Baby powder and other talc products

"This is scary... we have been taught for generations this stuff is "safe'... and marketed for our babies.

An increasing number of lawsuits name consumer health care giant Johnson & Johnson, who has sold Johnson’s Baby Powder for more than a century, and currently markets other brands including Shower to Shower. The lawsuits claim that studies dating back 30 years or more have drawn a link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer.

Studies suggest that about 10 percent – or as many as 2,000 – of ovarian cancer cases diagnosed each year could be linked to genital use of talcum powder. Johnson & Johnson was even contacted by a researcher who alerted the company to the cancer risk with its talc-containing products and urged them to warn consumers, but the company refused.

The theory is that talc, when applied to the genitals, can travel up the uterus, through the fallopian tubes and into the ovaries where it can inflame tissue and trigger cancerous growth. In fact, during the first and only talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuit to go to trial the plaintiff attorney brought evidence from three researchers who looked at the cancerous tissue removed from the plaintiff and found bits of talc. The woman claimed daily and long-term use of Johnson’s Shower to Shower caused her to develop ovarian cancer. The jury found in her favor and agreed that the company should have warned consumers of this risk."

If you have any questions or concerns... please email me directly and I can help you find answers. erin@brockovich.com

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Better Body Butter... 4 All Natural, Organic Recipes, Tricks & Tips

It's like butta...

I was so intrigued by the concept of body butter when I first started making my own organic goodies. It was such a luxury product in my mind. It's too bad I paid too much to use so much of it with junky garbage in it! I hope we save someone out there from doing the same. Now we can actually HELP our bodies be their best by supporting them with the amazing gift of essential oils! I knew that body butter was something I wanted to have all the time and be able to offer to other ladies wanting to treat themselves, too. So I began formulating, making and testing like a mad scientist. A happy and well-moisturized mad scientist. :-)

This recipe is one of my stand-by's. :-) Simple, simple and it whips up really nice and fluffy, about double to a cup and a half.  This recipe was born out of my need to create a body butter recipe that didn't have 4,000 ingredients and used equal parts in the recipe. I'm weird. I like equal parts...

My only quip with this recipe is that the cocoa butter has an overpowering chocolate scent and it WILL overpower any EO added to it. The only scents I liked with it were Stress Away (Umm, vanilla & chocolate? Yeah!), Peppermint (duh-totes delish), Panaway (heaven) and any combination of orange, cinnamon and nutmeg worked well too. Very nice for fall and winter. Cocoa butter is a wonderful emollient and it certainly helps us meet the goal to 
ditch parabens and other yucky stuff, but sometimes a girl needs a scent that has nothing to do with chocolate! 

Enter, mango butter. Hellooo, fabulous! Mango butter instead of cocoa butter allowed me to use florals and trees and blends and...wow. Changing out that one ingredient made my base recipe a great 'blank canvas', and stand-by number 2.

My first blog with this recipe make up was for cinnamon roll body butter. If the graphic below is difficult to read, its the same as the Whipped recipe but the 3 ingredients are coconut oil, shea butter and mango butter (instead of cocoa butter). Important to note though, this recipe makes about 1 cup of super thick body butter. It's like butta...

Although 'speeding the hardening process up with the refrigerator' is a suggestion in step 2, I want to let you know that my best body butter results have been when I let it cool slowly at room temperature and use the fridge as little as possible. The consistency is richer and the structure of the body butter holds up better. For make and takes, I usually melt my butters together the night before and finish in the fridge as needed. I like to whip it in front of the attendees though, because I find that part exciting. (Hee hee hee!!) Well, look at it!!?!

Another tip for planning ahead in the make and take scenario is to figure out if the amount of body butter you're making requires more than one bowl. Butters & oils melt down small and depending on your recipe can whip up big. So sometimes you might have to divide your melted butter into several bowls so there's enough room in them to whip it up. Dividing big batches also helps your butters cool and harden quicker and evenly. ;-)

Isn't that a pretty product? Cinnamon Roll Body Butter was my first attempt at a 'real blog' and I had fun letting loose on decorating the jar. The body butter smelled great and had a great consistency too.

Burlap bows here: http://amzn.to/2dYzjYj

The research: This is a photo of what happened to 2 body butter recipes I was testing at the beginning of my recipe search. I put a hunk of each one in a finger bowl next to my bed to ponder them, very seriously of course, like with reading glasses on and stuff, but simply being under a lamp caused one of them to melt! It didn't hold up well so I had to nix it from the list. (Hey, if you can't handle a light bulb, buh-bye, body butter!) The blob that looks like a butter ball...is my little cocoa butter-body butter-stand-by-recipe baby!

There are a lot of recipes out there that are very good, but some have more ingredients than I'm willing to play with. I like simple, and the above photo also reminds me one reason I love equal parts... because I can test recipes in tiny ratios. Thankfully I have a huge Young Living family that is generous, kind and gifted and they do plenty of testing with me. :-)  One of my sweeties is Jessica Jackson with Oils Of The Valley. She worked diligently to make a less greasy body butter with a great structure using coconut oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil and beeswax. This recipe is a culmination of her tireless testing efforts. 

Jessica adds that she uses this recipe instead of storebought hand lotion, face lotion and sometimes all over body lotion. ;-)

Another tried and true recipe brought to us by my YL mommy, aesthetician Tiffany Burnside, came to me perfect also and it's posted below for your most indulgent body butter desires. I call it - VELVET IN A JAR and ohma'gah...

The oils in the recipe are interchangeable of course, but these are a
fabulous combo.

If you've made a batch of body butter you don't love, don't throw it out! Here are some possible fixes:

Too greasy-tip: You might have a DIY organic body butter that you love, except maybe it's too greasy. The next cool tip to share is that I've found that by simply re-whipping it with 1-2 Tbsp of arrowroot powder per cup, it has a nice smooth application that feels SO much less greasy. Before you toss it, try that... (Running the arrowroot powder through a food processor first is recommended for a silky butter!)

Liquefies too easily: melt it down and add a tsp of beeswax per cup. Allow to cool, harden and rewhip.

Too thick: try melting it down and adding a tsp of sweet almond oil per cup. Allow to cool, harden and rewhip.

For conversions it's helpful to know one cup = 8 oz.

If you're new to making your own body butter, you need to know this body butter is not like big chain store products. It is highly concentrated natural emollients and a dab will do ya! Seriously. When I made my first body butter at a make and take I looked at my 2 oz jar and thought, "Oh, this will last me for one LEG. Pfft"  But it lasted me several months! A pea size dot can cover an entire appendage! :-)

If you haven't tried it yet, DO IT! My favorite new idea is that when we make our own products we are taking corporate greed out of corporate hands. They're not doing a good job of looking out for our interests!

You can click on any affilate link to order the things used to make luxurious body butter, including Young Living Essential Oil. The purchase of a starter kit is a smokin' deal already (PLUS 10% off February 2016) AND we have some goodies for you, too. You can read about that and also WHY it is so important to use the quality oils only Young Living provides.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

BUG OFF! DIY, natural & organic

Hold on to this recipe. Tried, true and THIS WORKS. When Tracey with TLC One Drop At A Time shared this one with me, my life changed. Be sure to 'like' her page!

That's a 2 oz glass bottle filled with witch hazel and 6 drops each of Young Living lavender, citronella, and lemongrass. It actually smells delicious and my son who was around 10 at the time, thought it was a great cologne. LOL!

I'm one of those that must taste good to mosquitoes. (I'm getting goosebumps just writing this) And so is my oldest son.  

This was one of those 'I believe' moments for him. That really happened, and I felt like such a good mommy. 

As you can read in that graphic, two uses for one spray. There's a proactive use for Bug Off as well as a reactive use. :-) I'm sure there are many other benefits, but these alone are very valuable to me. And without harmful chemicals. 

My comfort and the comfort of my family are important. Not to mention all of the things we avoid by not swapping blood with strangers...

I thank God for His gift in our plants! Which reminds me... This may not last long.

The season for this oil seems to last longer where I live, (warm climate) and by the time I needed it for summer it had just gone out of stock in my first year with Young Living. I don't want to be without it again...not very convenient. :-/

I carry a bottle of Bug Off in my purse everywhere I go, and it ends up being 'shared' quite a bit. I make bottles of it for my kids and husband too. Soccer bag, beach bag, golf bag... The alternatives, quite literally, SUCK!!

Downloadable BUG OFF label

This label has been created for you to download, print and use on 5520 Avery waterproof labels. Click on the label photo for the download.

Click on the affiliate links above or right on this image to order glass spray bottles. You will want to store this in GLASS. Essential oils DO break down petrochemicals and plastics, and you won't want those on anyone's skin.

If you need Young Living oils start here. The Young Living Premium Starter Kit contains one blend of oils and 2 single oils known to help do the same job as the Bug Off Recipe. With a purchase of a kit future oils are 24% off! If you'd like to purchase these oils at retail separate from the kit, that's an option, too. Read all about it and learn WHY YOUNG LIVING is THE ONLY OIL that will WORK right here. 

Citronella (#3085)
Lavender (#3575) Lemongrass (#3581)

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