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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Better Body Butter... 4 All Natural, Organic Recipes, Tricks & Tips

It's like butta...

I was so intrigued by the concept of body butter when I first started making my own organic goodies. It was such a luxury product in my mind. It's too bad I paid too much to use so much of it with junky garbage in it! I hope we save someone out there from doing the same. Now we can actually HELP our bodies be their best by supporting them with the amazing gift of essential oils! I knew that body butter was something I wanted to have all the time and be able to offer to other ladies wanting to treat themselves, too. So I began formulating, making and testing like a mad scientist. A happy and well-moisturized mad scientist. :-)

This recipe is one of my stand-by's. :-) Simple, simple and it whips up really nice and fluffy, about double to a cup and a half.  This recipe was born out of my need to create a body butter recipe that didn't have 4,000 ingredients and used equal parts in the recipe. I'm weird. I like equal parts...

My only quip with this recipe is that the cocoa butter has an overpowering chocolate scent and it WILL overpower any EO added to it. The only scents I liked with it were Stress Away (Umm, vanilla & chocolate? Yeah!), Peppermint (duh-totes delish), Panaway (heaven) and any combination of orange, cinnamon and nutmeg worked well too. Very nice for fall and winter. Cocoa butter is a wonderful emollient and it certainly helps us meet the goal to 
ditch parabens and other yucky stuff, but sometimes a girl needs a scent that has nothing to do with chocolate! 

Enter, mango butter. Hellooo, fabulous! Mango butter instead of cocoa butter allowed me to use florals and trees and blends and...wow. Changing out that one ingredient made my base recipe a great 'blank canvas', and stand-by number 2.

My first blog with this recipe make up was for cinnamon roll body butter. If the graphic below is difficult to read, its the same as the Whipped recipe but the 3 ingredients are coconut oil, shea butter and mango butter (instead of cocoa butter). Important to note though, this recipe makes about 1 cup of super thick body butter. It's like butta...

Although 'speeding the hardening process up with the refrigerator' is a suggestion in step 2, I want to let you know that my best body butter results have been when I let it cool slowly at room temperature and use the fridge as little as possible. The consistency is richer and the structure of the body butter holds up better. For make and takes, I usually melt my butters together the night before and finish in the fridge as needed. I like to whip it in front of the attendees though, because I find that part exciting. (Hee hee hee!!) Well, look at it!!?!

Another tip for planning ahead in the make and take scenario is to figure out if the amount of body butter you're making requires more than one bowl. Butters & oils melt down small and depending on your recipe can whip up big. So sometimes you might have to divide your melted butter into several bowls so there's enough room in them to whip it up. Dividing big batches also helps your butters cool and harden quicker and evenly. ;-)

Isn't that a pretty product? Cinnamon Roll Body Butter was my first attempt at a 'real blog' and I had fun letting loose on decorating the jar. The body butter smelled great and had a great consistency too.

Burlap bows here: http://amzn.to/2dYzjYj

The research: This is a photo of what happened to 2 body butter recipes I was testing at the beginning of my recipe search. I put a hunk of each one in a finger bowl next to my bed to ponder them, very seriously of course, like with reading glasses on and stuff, but simply being under a lamp caused one of them to melt! It didn't hold up well so I had to nix it from the list. (Hey, if you can't handle a light bulb, buh-bye, body butter!) The blob that looks like a butter ball...is my little cocoa butter-body butter-stand-by-recipe baby!

There are a lot of recipes out there that are very good, but some have more ingredients than I'm willing to play with. I like simple, and the above photo also reminds me one reason I love equal parts... because I can test recipes in tiny ratios. Thankfully I have a huge Young Living family that is generous, kind and gifted and they do plenty of testing with me. :-)  One of my sweeties is Jessica Jackson with Oils Of The Valley. She worked diligently to make a less greasy body butter with a great structure using coconut oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil and beeswax. This recipe is a culmination of her tireless testing efforts. 

Jessica adds that she uses this recipe instead of storebought hand lotion, face lotion and sometimes all over body lotion. ;-)

Another tried and true recipe brought to us by my YL mommy, aesthetician Tiffany Burnside, came to me perfect also and it's posted below for your most indulgent body butter desires. I call it - VELVET IN A JAR and ohma'gah...

The oils in the recipe are interchangeable of course, but these are a
fabulous combo.

If you've made a batch of body butter you don't love, don't throw it out! Here are some possible fixes:

Too greasy-tip: You might have a DIY organic body butter that you love, except maybe it's too greasy. The next cool tip to share is that I've found that by simply re-whipping it with 1-2 Tbsp of arrowroot powder per cup, it has a nice smooth application that feels SO much less greasy. Before you toss it, try that... (Running the arrowroot powder through a food processor first is recommended for a silky butter!)

Liquefies too easily: melt it down and add a tsp of beeswax per cup. Allow to cool, harden and rewhip.

Too thick: try melting it down and adding a tsp of sweet almond oil per cup. Allow to cool, harden and rewhip.

For conversions it's helpful to know one cup = 8 oz.

If you're new to making your own body butter, you need to know this body butter is not like big chain store products. It is highly concentrated natural emollients and a dab will do ya! Seriously. When I made my first body butter at a make and take I looked at my 2 oz jar and thought, "Oh, this will last me for one LEG. Pfft"  But it lasted me several months! A pea size dot can cover an entire appendage! :-)

If you haven't tried it yet, DO IT! My favorite new idea is that when we make our own products we are taking corporate greed out of corporate hands. They're not doing a good job of looking out for our interests!

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