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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Simple Organic Baby Powder Alternative

I thank God for the gift of plants so often lately I can actually envision living in a constant state of gratitude. Today I'm having another grateful moment. Blogging is not on my to-do list today, but I came across something that I feel so passionately about I must stop what I'm doing and share it right now.

I was cleaning out my cabinets again and was simply going to share this on my Facbeook page for my friends to see:

I'll be changing things inside my home for a long time, because baby steps makes the most sense to me. Very fitting that baby powder is in today's 'toss' pile! :-) I found a giant unopened bottle of this under my bathroom sink and it's time to let it go. I remember in the last round of cleaning out junk from my family's products, I wasn't ready to toss a "brand new unopened bottle of perfectly good" baby powder, so I threw out two 1/2 used bottles and kept this one. Just in case. Yeeesh...

"Johnson & Johnson - a family company" 

Here's a perfect example of why I am taking my money out of their corporate hands. 
Erin Brockovich posted on J & J baby and talc powder. Erin's article may help you or someone you love. Please keep sharing, people!! We weren't created to live with cancer and 1,000 other things that ail America today. Our bodies are a product of the environment WE have created for them and we can choose to do better. I am the CEO of my own health. Nobody is better suited for that job. 

So that was my post today, which turned into this blog. :-) I encourage each of you to do the same. We do have a say in the environment we create for our bodies, and for our future generations, too.

Click if you'd like to see Erin's actual 
Facebook post . As of the time of writing this blog it has nearly 57, 000 shares! We can do better as we learn how to, and let's educate others along the way. This is too, too easy NOT to to DIY a better version using natural, sustainable ingredients and the 'lifeblood' of plants instead of chemical garbage!

How about a simple less expensive alternative without those extra ingredients? :-) (Fragrance is a HUGE offender!)

This is a tried and true recipe my dear friend Heather Bartram has experimented with and so graciously shared her results.

Heather says: "I used Cedarwood, Lavender, and of course purification for well, Purification, lol!  The smell is light - you might want to mess with that a bit to make it a bit more tantalizing, but it works for me! It will make your skin gray with the bentonite clay, but who cares about that when you put clothes over yourself and walk out the door. It does work GREAT! Zero chafing under 'the girls'." (Heather uses this under her bra... ;-) What a great idea!!)
We've included an affiliate link to the page in our A-store that has what you'd need to DIY baby powder. Lavender is a great oil choice for babies. I've heard of folks using a few drops of Gentle Baby along with Lavender for their own baby powder scent, also. :-) (Me likey in the diffuser for nigh-nigh)

If you'd like to order or learn more about Young Living Essential Oils, including WHY the quality unmatched and so important, start here. 
There is great information about our true lavender as well as some information on why fragrance is dangerous in our blog called organic honey lavender sugar scrub. Check that out to find out why lavender growers of France came to Young Living for help. 

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