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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

BUG OFF! DIY, natural & organic

Hold on to this recipe. Tried, true and THIS WORKS. When Tracey with TLC One Drop At A Time shared this one with me, my life changed. Be sure to 'like' her page!

That's a 2 oz glass bottle filled with witch hazel and 6 drops each of Young Living lavender, citronella, and lemongrass. It actually smells delicious and my son who was around 10 at the time, thought it was a great cologne. LOL!

I'm one of those that must taste good to mosquitoes. (I'm getting goosebumps just writing this) And so is my oldest son.  

This was one of those 'I believe' moments for him. That really happened, and I felt like such a good mommy. 

As you can read in that graphic, two uses for one spray. There's a proactive use for Bug Off as well as a reactive use. :-) I'm sure there are many other benefits, but these alone are very valuable to me. And without harmful chemicals. 

My comfort and the comfort of my family are important. Not to mention all of the things we avoid by not swapping blood with strangers...

I thank God for His gift in our plants! Which reminds me... This may not last long.

The season for this oil seems to last longer where I live, (warm climate) and by the time I needed it for summer it had just gone out of stock in my first year with Young Living. I don't want to be without it again...not very convenient. :-/

I carry a bottle of Bug Off in my purse everywhere I go, and it ends up being 'shared' quite a bit. I make bottles of it for my kids and husband too. Soccer bag, beach bag, golf bag... The alternatives, quite literally, SUCK!!

Downloadable BUG OFF label

This label has been created for you to download, print and use on 5520 Avery waterproof labels. Click on the label photo for the download.

Click on the affiliate links above or right on this image to order glass spray bottles. You will want to store this in GLASS. Essential oils DO break down petrochemicals and plastics, and you won't want those on anyone's skin.

If you need Young Living oils start here. The Young Living Premium Starter Kit contains one blend of oils and 2 single oils known to help do the same job as the Bug Off Recipe. With a purchase of a kit future oils are 24% off! If you'd like to purchase these oils at retail separate from the kit, that's an option, too. Read all about it and learn WHY YOUNG LIVING is THE ONLY OIL that will WORK right here. 

Citronella (#3085)
Lavender (#3575) Lemongrass (#3581)

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