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Sunday, February 28, 2016

DIY organic hairspray, continued--for those who need the deets!

When I thought about 'how would I make hairspray?' my first thought was...sugar! But I talked myself out of it thinking it would be too sticky and would attract pests. I even discussed this with my ingenuitive, hair product-loving son. He reminded me of a conversation we had with his grandfather, who's from Poland, about the same subject. He reminded me that his grandfather used to make his own hair gel back in Poland out of beer and sugar. So, that really made me think - this is something that I need to look at.

I started experimenting after a sweetie in my essential oil group named Gina Schaaf posted a recipe for this homemade hairspray, but it had twice the sugar as the version above. I tried it and I was very surprised! Like really surprised. 

The first time I tried it was on hair that I had styled the day before with my conventional products, and the restyle came out so good I was dumbfounded. One of the things I noticed was that I didn't have a bunch of those wiry gray hairs, sticking up like normal when I use my store-bought hairspray. 

The next day I tried this double-the-sugar recipe again, but it was a rainy day AND I tried using ALL natural products. (How's that for a test!?) With Young Living shampoo and conditioner and my homemade hairspray - holy cow, I was in for such a surprise! My hair styled up and held up so good... and it did not feel sticky! I went to see my aesthetician that day and she was in shock at what I was able to do with just sugar and water. She couldn't stop touching it with her jaw hanging open! LOL

Now, the second day I restyled my hair and it came out great again, but toward end of the day I did not like the way my hair felt. :-(  It felt like cotton candy with sugar shard ends! Lol. And I now noticed it left quite a bit of residue on my roundbrush and on my counters & floors too. That wasn't going to stop me.

So, I got to reformulating. I tried cutting the sugar in half and that has been working perfectly for several weeks. And nobody can believe when they put their hands in my hair that I styled it with organic sugar and water! I added the Young Living tea tree right away for a healthy scalp (and it also makes this smell so good) and I just started this week with the alcohol to help the hairspray dry. I'm loving it!!

So, you have room to play with the recipe and make something that you like. This won't be for everyone, but it is very, very inexpensive to find out if it's for you. 

So, why would someone bother? I cannot ignore a few major points. The first is that I spend anywhere from $10-$25 on a bottle of commercially made hairspray. I am going to save myself boatloads of money by using my own product. 

Point number two is all of the chemicals that not only my body gets to avoid, but our planet gets to avoid too! I've been using this version of hairspray for about a month and as I said, I do use some of the the commercial hairspray to supplement my styling. What I hope to share is that it is possible to replace some, much, or all of what you are using with this completely organic product.

Let's work together to change statitistics!

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