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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hairspray! Simple Organic DIY HAIRSPRAY!

I've been working steadily to decrease the number of synthetic & toxic chemicals that I have in my home and use in my everyday life. Same for my family. I admit that I still have a long way to go, but I do feel really good about the changes that I've made so far. Inch by inch. Little by little. :-) 

I am very excited to tell you about this next discovery. When I started opening my mind and thinking, 'OK, what product I would like to have a natural, chemical free version of?', one that came to mind was hairspray. I use enough of it!

This is
 such an easy, inexpensive recipe.  You can feel good about experimenting with it until you get it just right for you. Considering the number of chemicals in hairspray going on the scalp (which has large openings for the hair follicles that provide a fast track into the skin and therefore the bloodstream) it's worth a little time & effort to find a healthier alternative. (And breathing less of those aerosols!)

I chose tea tree for this and I love, love, love. Other great choices include Cedarwood and Lavender, but the possibilities are pretty endless. Blends formulated specifically for empowering us are coming to mind too, but I do suggest staying away from citrus oils, which are generally photosensitive.

You can play with the optional high proof alcohol. I used plain Grey Goose vodka and all I could think was, "Hmm, maybe some fun flavors?!?" :-) More alcohol may be needed in a humid climate to help with the drying effect.

I style my hair by rolling it in a roundbrush, 
using a spritz of hairspray at the root and blow dry my hair while it's on the roundbrush to 'set' it. Then I back comb it for volume, hairspray it again, and then smooth and shape it all into place and finish with a few spritzes.
Sometimes I still use my commercial hairspray after I back comb my hair and sometimes I use it as the finishing spray, but I am going to save my body TONS of chemical burden and save A LOT of money by consistently using this as my curl setter!! It's a great root lifter too! 

Here's a photo of me along with some of my amazing team at an event my parent team puts on each year, called Ignite. (I am in the blue jumpsuit--Hi!! :-) And I styled my hair exactly as described above.

If you're into your hair, you may need all the little details from my trials to help you get the best mix for you. ;-) Click here to read on... 

Here's a photo of me with my sponsor Tracey at Ignite 2016, and me 25 years ago. After what I have done to the planet with commercial hairspray for all the years of THIS, I owe y'all this recipe!

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I love this 
electric tea kettle for making frankincense tea, wolfberry tea, Thieves tea, any hot drink I can add coconut oil to, and it heats water for stuff like homemade hairspray in a jiffy as well. The right tools can help make a healthier lifestyle a little easier, and I will take all the help I can get!

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