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Monday, February 22, 2016

Pollen Block

Where I live it very is dry, warm, and it is pollen-y. (Already!) Today it's also very windy. I have a little one feeling under the weather because of those 'seasonal irritations' that come from pollen. So when I saw a Young Living blog post for a solid perfume, it gave me an idea...*ting* (LOL!)

I added the oils I like for combating seasonal stuff, and I think I love this!! Affiliate links are included so you can DIY with YLEO too.

To fill a 2 oz glass jar I melted together:
*2 TBSP Beeswax (here are a few choices)

*2 1/2 TBSP Fractionated coconut oil (you can use V6, or any organic vegetable oil, several choices here)

Once melted remove from heat. Let it begin to cool for 10 minutes and add 10-20 drops of your favorite Young Living Essential Oils. 
In my mixture I used 8-10 Lavender
4-5 Copaiba
4-5 Tea Tree

Simply pour into your jar and allow to harden. I sped up the process by way of the freezer. It only took about 5 minutes in there.
If I had smaller glass pots on hand I'd have made several small individual packages for 'my herd'. I guess I know what's going on my next Amazon order!

I used to buy a commercial product that had a similar name, but I paid way too much for a tiny tube of it and now I shudder to think what was in it. When we know better--we do better. Right? I've been meaning to try this, so I'm glad the blog post and the yucky day came along together today. What a blessing!

I scraped a tiny dab of this and rubbed it all over my nose, everywhere I could get it - even inside, u
sing a cotton swab . That's the idea...put a layer of this down to catch all the irritants. I used to love that other product, so woohoo for natural alternatives! 

The EO I added are PERFECT for me and my kids. You can use what you like! The Tea Tree almost 
feels like a eucalyptus. Plus it's good for 4 million things that I'm not allowed to say! LOL. Lavender is known to calm and soothe. And Copaiba is so fabulous that I can't even tell you what it does! Please take the time to look up the main chemical constituents in our oils to see what they DO. Coapiba's are alpha humulene and beta caryophyllene. It'll blow your mind.

Hint: If you only have the starter kit oils, try 1-2 RC instead of tea tree.

Tip: for a 'looser' balm try less wax or add a Tbsp of shea butter

If you plan to DIY more things at home but don't have glass measuring cups, you're going to want to get a set. I like that I can put one directly in a pan of water on low heat instead of a double boiler, AND skip the microwave. (Move away from the micro--it's destroying all that is good) Then pour right out the spout. :-) This is a screamin' deal for a set of 3 glass measuring cups. 

I'm grateful for my team of educators at Young Living! With time and patience, we are changing things up in here! Tracey Campbell with TLC One Drop At A Time has been instrumental in our education and she shared this seasonal irritant roll-on relief recipe with us. Be sure to like her page!

Here are a few more roll-on recipes! (like that TLC page!)

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