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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Eggcellent Bath Bombs

I'm crazy about taking a bath. Some of the previous blogs prove that! So when my friend Miss Susie told me that one of the things that she absolutely loves is a bath bomb from an upscale store, I HAD to try making them.

These are a total FAIL in the way they looked, but they do work and I learned a lot. Wanna good chuckle? Here's the scoop - affiliate links are included so you can make a DIY fail, too! 😜

In a large stainless steel or glass bowl, whisk together these dry ingredients:

1/2 c. baking soda
1/4 c. epsom salt
1/4 c. corn starch

Combine wet ingredients in an EO safe container:

3 tsp. sweet almond oil
1 Tbsp. water
20-30 drops EO of choice

Slowly pour the wet into the dry ingredients while whisking, tiny bits at a time.

Once mixed, add 
1/4 c. citric acid

**The recipe I followed had citric acid added IN with the dry ingredients, but I had SO much better luck on batch #2, saving it to add at the very end**  


My first attempt is a total Pinterest fail, but I did get an ab workout laughing my --- off!  I mentioned saving the citric acid til the end... Pretty sure having it in from the beginning was a fail factor. And also, what I can tell you with absolute certainty is DO NOT OVER STUFF YOUR MOLDS. It will find a way out. I ended up duct taping the eggs shut. LOL. 

Have any of you seen the movie "The Blob"? LOL! It just wouldn't STOP! I ended up shaving the excess off this 
behemoth about 10 times and stuffing the remnants into silicone flower molds. It was very easy to remove these mini bombs from silicone molds, BTW--the plastic eggs? Not so much... I conclude it's best to pack in your mixture lightly. 

The best result I had was with a small Easter egg that had the top 1/2 attached, lightly packed. ;-) That one is perfect, and yes, I filled the tops and bottoms at the same time.

 So, that's what "The Blob" looked like after 20 surgeries and 24 hours to dry! Isn't that marbling pretty? I got that look by taking part of the mixed bath bomb mixture and adding about a 1/4 c. organic hibiscus flower powder in a separate bowl and layering it into my plastic egg molds.

Next time I wouldn't mind using a metal bath bomb mold or trying some different recipes
These bombs end up getting really hard, and they were not easy to remove from the 2 piece plastic eggs in 1 piece! Some have cracks and some broke. The survivors weren't all perfectly shaped, but I know my daughter won't care. :-) She'll be so excited. 

*I added dried organic blueberries that had been crushed in the food processor to my water for the natural color. That part turned out pretty good! I was worried it might stain my fiberglass tub, but it wasn't a problem at all. I also tried adding chopped lavender flowers to a few of them for grins & giggles. I
t was relaxing and a great idea but it made for a messy bath. 

Miss Susie, you are so right... Bath bombs ARE fun. :-) With all the quality essential oil choices we have at Young Living, this could be my new addiction. After a pro tutorial, of course.

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