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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Enchanted diffuser blends

I LOVE THIS! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! If you don't have lemon myrtle, you should GET A BOTTLE!!! In the Anointed by Abba blog for fall recipes I touched on this oil. It is a MUST! Especially for my east coast-cold weather people. Would ya like some sunshine in a bottle? Lemon myrtle is like a combination of lemon, grass, and lemongrass. So perfectly set off with a touch of floral.

Here's a blend that sounds totally weird, but it's kinda nice! It reminds me of Bath & Body's Stress Relief line. Be prepared to only let ONE drop of Joy come out and add 2 Stress Away and 3 RC. ;-) Do the Joy first! (I didn't like this with more than one drop of Joy)

Didjya accidentally put 2 drops of Joy in there? Haha! Not a problem! Stick your hand in the diffuser, let the extra oil cling to your skin and rub it all over your heart! :-) I did break a cardinal rule though...mixing blends...but I was SO curious how Bath & Body got that smell! (Besides...Oola does it!)

When I saw Gary Young speak at convention 2015 he said that Young Living blends were created to empower us. I feel that! I love our oils - so carefully crafted from seed to seal and absolutely masterfully blended.

I was just discussing how I have grown to love Young Living's roll on blend Tranquil, so I thought, why not recreate it for the diffuser? It's HEAVEN! 

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Do you ever pray and ask what you should diffuse? The more familiar you get with your oils and how they work for you, the more I recommend doing that! With time you'll find you're more accurate and as you expand your oil collection it just gets more meaningful and fun. :-) Today I am understandably tired and grungy but oh, so grateful. 1 precious drop of Jasmine, 2 each Peppermint and Gratitude and I feel lifted by this magical scent.

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