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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

lemon + peroxide = bleach

You know that laugh when you're so surprised by something that you almost sound like you're crazy? Okay, well that's me right now. I am so surprised! I just washed my white flannel sheets (with a chocolate brown toile print) that were looking so dingy that I was ready to get rid of them. I actually went sheet shopping yesterday but didn't find anything, so I just took them off to wash them...again.

I tried using a lot of lemon oil (I can, because it's so cheap!) and I'm thrilled with these results. 

I washed them once and wasn't happy. I washed a second time and used 30 drops of lemon oil mixed in with my Thieves detergent, 1/2 cup of peroxide and a cup of Borax detergent booster. I know that's a lot of stuff I used, but man--have you seen the price of sheets? TMI here, but I'm sure you can handle it... My sheets were almost brown from getting in them with a ton of carrier oil rubbed on me with a day's worth of dirt and filth on my body... Hee hee. (Well? I gotsta tell it like it is!! Best to stay away from white flannel sheets from now on! Lol)  

I wasn't expecting this. I was really not expecting this result. They are gleaming white and they smell SO good. Fantastic! I'm very happy. I guess I fight oil (stains) WITH oil. **Super washing soda is another thing you can use in place of Borax detergent booster, if you prefer.**

I had been saving the above graphic to share with the multi puprose power powder for a series on Spring cleaning, but I think you should know about it now! It's good information! I love using a few drops of lemon when I use this multi-function powder to scrub my sinks & tubs. It's also the base for simple cleaners that work on glass cooktops, stoves, grills and tons of other things and smells like happy, sunny freshness. Just sprinkle your powder and add a tiny bit of peroxide (until it foams) and you a have heaven scent, safer, natural bleach alternative! ;-)

 Here's a before and after photo of a mattress my friend Monique wanted to save after her grandchild had an accident. She used 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide and 5 drops of Young Living lemon in a spray bottle and was able to make it clean, white and fresh smelling again! You could even put something like that into a roller bottle...

I'd also like to let you know that I found that saving the mixing of the lemon oil and peroxide together until I'm ready to use it works better for me. Might be just an idea, but I do believe when the two of them come in contact they have a reaction causing the bleaching effect.

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