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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Organic DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe Compilation

I just used the last bits of pumpkin spice sugar scrub I made in October 2015. Five months and still perfectly good, even with canned pumpkin in it! Thank you essential oils!

Now I'm so spoiled. LOL! I love using sugar scrub at the end of my shower for EASY, deep moisturizing so I always have some on hand. :-)

Today I made a huge batch of sugar scrub base and will store the extra until it's needed.

I can scoop it out and add my oils d'jour! I'm going to try jade lemon and spearmint for a fresh invigorating 'spring' in my step.

I love having a canning jar funnel for mess-free sugar scrubs, bath salts and...canning. Lol. If you don't own one--you totally need one. Click the picture to link to Amazon and get your own!  

Here are some other sugar scrub recipes we've done. Click for the recipes:

Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

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