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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Rose water as a premoisturizer? Hmm... :-)

I have no idea who ordered this from the Anointed by Abba store, but THANK YOU! I did not know--I NEED this product! This will be going into a spray bottle to spritz on my skin pre-moisturizing. Doesn't that sound lovely? I'd also like to try it on my hair before I condition, and it sounds like something I'd really like between shampoos. I'll be singing 'hallelujah' if it helps with my daughter's hair breakage. And if not, I am closing my eyes and pretending I'm in a rose garden in Italy... Check out the reviews below and see what you think... 

~I just recently returned from a study abroad trip in Italy, and this product is one of the gems I brought back with me. Having packed no toner or astringent, I picked up this bottle, attracted to the cobalt blue color, and paid approximately $4US for what has been one of my favorite products to date. It is incredibly light, the rose scent is gentle,and it takes off all the filth and makeup of the day without leaving my skin dry and deprived for moisture. It is so gentle, in fact, that I can use it whenever my skin needs a little pick me up, more nourishing than a splash of water. I use it every morning and every night, and sometimes in between. I'm sad that I'll have to pay twice as much for it now, but I cant imagine living without it!

~I am an African American woman and I use rosewater for my hair. On the days I wash I spritz this in before adding my moisturizer and sealer. On the days I don't want to wash I spritz this throughout my hair and it dries baby soft with a soft lingering scent. I will never be without!

~This is the best rose water available. It is a wonderful facial toner. In a mister, it works to create a base layer of moisture before moisturizing. It works as a great diluter to creams that may be too thick. All in all, this is a terrific product.

~Great stuff. All printed in Italian, and if you close your eyes it smells like your in the 
biggest rose garden in the world.

Well, wooo to the hoo! I want some of that! I bet this is perfect to use in our eye makeup remover recipe, or any Abba skin products using witch hazel. I will certainly be reviewing it once I try it. I'd love your review, too.

**Update 1/15/2017 (6 months) I never tried it in my eye makeup remover or in any hair care product. I guess I fell in the rose garden and I can't get up! I am in love with spritzing this on my face, with or without makeup, and now it's time to order myself another bottle. The link below is THE BEST PRICE on this item, considering it gives my skin a dewy look and it's imported from a place where putting hazardous material in personal care products is prohibited!

Pick it up here: http://amzn.to/1TIpwrB

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