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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Anointed By Abba ~ more to diffuse!

I'm Kristina, I do most of the writing for Anointed By Abba. I decided to make Young Living a business once my high school friend Kim came on board and we were soon joined by another longtime schoolmate, Brenda. The three of us are very different, but we all have one thing in common besides school and loving Young Living. We all have amazing daughters!

My daughter is showing a knack for blending YLEO! Not quite 10 years old, SHE created this blend all on her own, and I must say...she made her Momma proud! It really smells like rain! And not like city rain...like a clean, flower-field-in-the-country rain. :-) 

If you don't have Sleepyize, try lavender in it's place. This blend is great for unwinding at nighttime and to bring about a state of calm & well-being. (Example, if it's April and already 97 degrees in the dry desert where you live and FREAKING out about it is not going to help!)

This one is great too! We can't have  'Rain' without a 'Rainbow' now, can we?!

We have more diffuser blends ready to knock your socks off this week and next. Until then, be sure to check these! 
enchanted diffuser blends 
spring diffuser blend egg-stravaganza
holiday diffuser blends  
fall diffuser blends

Diffusing tools

And on the 'rain' theme...

I'm discovering I'm HEARTBROKEN over Prince. :-( I'm actually surprised by my own reaction. All I really know is that this man was musical genius and his music is part of the soundtrack of my life.

I've got the song stuck in my head and this is in the diffuser to help me calm, heal and move forward. (Valor II is a good swap if you don't have Build Your Dream) Rest in peace Prince Rogers Nelson.

Do you know why therapeutic grade essential oil can have such a profound impact on our state of emotional well-being? The science is really quite fascinating. I have no doubt that plants were created for the benefit of human beings. :-) I'd encourage you to do your own your research. See what you come up with when you search essential oils to support physical and emotional well being.

When it's time to lift the spirits...this is a good spring OR summer blend. Depends on where you spring, I guess! In Arizona we sprung months ago. :-) LOL!

This is a blend I associate with summer and was holding off to post it...but, why? G'head! Enjoy!

Another blend great for spring, as well as supporting healthy lung function and emotional well-being. :-)

Here are a few more fun ideas for your diffuser!

We're continuing to grow in our community and hope to add more of our schoolmates, friends and even our children to the pool of people working to change the statistics. This short video is not from our organization, but we share in the same mission. Watch it and tell me if it moves you!

Would you like to be a part of the shift away from lab-created junk, and toward all that is instinctually good? Join Young Living as part of the Anointed By Abba team. We are helping to change statistics, friends! If you'd just like to hear about our $25 back offer when you order your Young Living Premium Starter Kit (which gets you 24% off your future orders) you can start here, too. It's also a great place to check out why quality matters and why ours is unmatched.

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