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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Need a little help with getting your sinuses to drain? Freeflow!

Sometimes draining the lymph system helps me to feel good. Check out this video. I found it a few years ago and still use parts of this information daily. My first experience was really, really cool. I had to 'clear my throat' several times. (That's the clean version!)

For me, this method also helps with draining my sinuses, so I'm sure somebody somewhere will find this info useful! I use a blend of oils when I do a lymph massage and this is a sort of everyday blend that helps:

Drop numbers are approximate: 
15-20 Wintergreen and Aroma Life 
5-10 Copaiba & PanAway
3-5 Peppermint

Fill the rest of a
10 ml roll-on with any carrier oil such as fractionated coconut or sweet almond. Click the affiliate links (red or yellow words are links in this blog) for Anointed By Abba's picks on Amazon! These labels or ones like these are a find, too. They're prefect for roll-on bottles. In my cart you go!! :-)

On bad days I use straight Panaway behind my ears and have found the combination of oil & the Star Trek lymph massage nothing less than divine. On the worst days I have topped Panaway with Deep Relief. Scientifically, there could be a bajillion reasons these things work on a physiological level. I just know they work for me. There are many oils that assist the body in supporting a healthy lymph system. Use what you have and make your roll-on custom to you! 

I'd never suggest someone substitute my judgement for their own and implore the reader to do their own research! That said, my opinion is that this is very basic information we should all be empowered with as CEO's of our own health! So, keep this is in your 'human body instruction manual', lol. A simple massage may make the difference between someone developing an infection or not, someone getting unnecessary medications or not and who knows what else. It's kind of a big deal!

Essential oils are not necessary for this technique to help someone feel better, however, cypress essential oil can help support a healthy functioning lymphatic system and helichrysum essential oil can help support a healthy circulatory system. Both are in Young Living's blend Aroma Life. Tip: If you ever have a puffy eye thing going on in the morning - try Aroma Life around the eye bone. 

More roll on recipes plus our DIY suggestion for Deep Relief.

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1 comment:

Lady Reyna said...

Seriously try this. I found myself becoming agitated at first, then my glands all started hurting. But I stuck it out and supported my body and it's discomfort with some Young Living Essential Oils. I can feel it working. I will probably being doing this several more times over the next couple of days to help get rid of the gunk I am dealing with.