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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ningxia Slushy!

Oh boy, this is gonna be a fun one! How many ways to love thee, Ningxia Red?!

This is how we do a 99° day in Phoenix, Arizona!

I've got to give it up my friend YLEO_Sandy, Sandy Poettiger.

She found this recipe and challenged me to do a makeover! Go ahead and check it out...

YEAH, I wanna try it! 

I had no idea crushed ice does THIS when it goes in the Ninja. That's like...snow. All bunched up around the part that is supposed to blend! When you add Nignxia to your Ninja...hello, healthy snow. Get in my belleh!

I took Sandy's challenge and went completely low cal today. Just ice, Ningxia Red (a nutritious bargain at 15 calories per ounce) 2-3 drops YL Tangerine Essential Oil and a tsp of agave for a little sweetness. :-) I used 
about a cup of ice & 3/4 c. Ningxia Red and it made 2 wine glasses full. (Hmmm. Are you thinking what I'm thinkin? Mmmnope! I'm thinking your EO drink should always be in glass or stainless steel, and you went to Ningxia Mimosa. Didn't you?!?) :-)

Click on the pictures or links to check these out: I don't believe I have ever seen a 30 oz stainless steel tumbler...in my shopping cart. HA! And if you don't have stainless steel straws, make sure you get those before summer comes to you. Plastics, or any petrochemicals and EO are a no-go.

So, I didn't even get to the part where this is supposed to go into the freezer. LOL. Drink in tummy! :-) But I will try to make it last that long next time. Promise! This has to be a great way to stay hydrated. Mmmhmm. Without glow in the dark colors and sugar. 

Confession: I had to go low cal today because I may or may not have gotten my family hooked on THIS combination and may have had too much soda for too long. Tee hee hee.

There a bazillion ways to make this slushy yummy, so let us know... what are your suggestions?

Got saliva? LOL!! I do. I can't help it... 


Soooo, I just found out that Ningxia Red berries are grown in a province in China in close proximity to where Pink Himalayan Salt comes from. Snow melts in the Himalayas and the run-off waters the surrounding lands making it mineral rich. The berries themselves are grown in a 'blue zone', which has a higher concentration of centenarians.  This is good stuff!!

One more tip... I had some organic pears that were definitely good enough to eat but they were starting to look a little  droopy, so I cut them up and froze them. I used THAT as a base the next time I made the Ningxia slushy...BOUT DIED. Yep. THAT GOOD.

That's it, y'all, I gotsta get me some icy cold, sweet and tangy Ningxia Red right now!!!

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