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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pretty, Pretty Poo-pouri.

Well? Some moms are buying this stuff for $8 and up! We can make it for under...two. (hee hee) They do have clever names like "Trap-a-crap", "Poo la la" and "Deja Poo". Since we're making this for moms & not selling it in stores, we can get away with calling it....."Chanel #2". 

HaHAhaaaa! Ohhh. I needed that. :-) All we'd need to DIY this are 2 ounce glass spray bottles, Young Living Essential Oil, witch hazel or rubbing alcohol (to emulsify) and water.

10-20 drops of Purification is all you really need. 30 if your mom is a truck driver. OK, I'm kidding, I'm kidding, save the emails for something serious, I just want to say you can always add more oil!

Just like any other recipe, use the oils YOU want. A super fancy combo I love is equal parts of Eucalyptus Globulus, Lemongrass & Spearmint. :-) Perfect for pooping in public if you're prim and proper! 

Add essential oil & a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol or witch hazel to the bottle and fill to the neck with water. Shake to mix, and use 4-6 sprays on the toilet water's surface before you go. It creates something of a barrier on top of the water so there's no... escaping. :-) Do the best you can to use organic ingredients!

I seriously can't advise you to even flush another brand of oil down the toilet! What goes down the drain gets in our water supply, therefore our food supply, so please think about saving the planet & it's people from those hormone disrupting synthetic fragrances. Now, off my soapbox...

You have to make it pretty. That's a law for poo-pouri, because everyone knows that moms only fart rose petals. We must keep it this way. I found a pretty washi masking tape like mine on Amazon, and when I clicked on it, it turned out there were several choices. Some had free shipping, some did not, but most averaged about $6-7. The pictures below can be clicked to bring you to the same page I was looking at. :-) Your local craft store probably has good choices, too. ;-)

Another thing to consider is this tapefitti caddy. My daughter has this and I love it. I kinda stole it from her. LOL. (Mom of the Year) It's tiny decorative Scotch tape about the width of a lip balm lid. I used this on my very first batch of balm. :-) I only owned black duct tape at that time (wow) so it was the perfect added accent. Two or three rows around the bottle would be enough. :-)

Under $10 for 60 mini tapes, 9ft each?! Click here!

I added an oval label over the tape, investing all of one minute to make this pretty. :-) And all for just under $2.

Maybe YOUR Mom poops sunflowers, butterflies or dogwood. See Anointed By Abba's complete sticker collection in the Decorate your DIY category of our Amazon store. Underneath, there are a few subcategories for tapes, labels, etc. and each has a couple pages. No need to be boring in the bathroom!

For the mom going on the go, click the pictures:


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