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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sweet & Salty Spray - If Sea Salt Spray and Simple Organic Sugar DIY Hairspray...had a baby. :-)

I'm so excited to bring you an update to the Anointed By Abba DIY simple organic hairspray blog! There were some great suggestions made for different kinds of organic DIY hairspray on Young Living's blog in the comments that may work better than just sugar, so we were all over it, and the test results are in! What stood out in particular is the sea salt suggestion that Miss Jennifer Mansour made, and I knew it was a must try!

If you have not read the Anointed By Abba blog on simple organic DIY hairsprayyou're going to want to do that, and be sure to click on the link talking about 'all the little details' to help you decide which recipe will be right for you. That blog tells the story of how the medium hold hairspray recipe below was born. This blog tells you how the beachy Sea Salt Spray pictured in the middle came to be, and what I think is THE BEST DIY ORGANIC HAIRSPRAY EVER, combining the two! If you don't want to read, FINE! Scroll down for a huge collage picture of these recipes that are easier to see. :-)

The first new alternative recipe I tried was just sea salt. I ground, very finely at that, pink Himalayan sea salt and added 1 tsp to a new 
2 ounce fine mist spray bottle, then filled it with hot water to dissolve. (**3 tsp. = 1 Tbsp** That equates to roughly 2 tablespoons for a 12 oz bottle)

I used pink Himalayan sea salt from Costco. If you don't know where 2 get quality Himalayan pink sea salt: a suggestion here.

After cooling, I took half of that sea salt mixture (1 ounce) and added it to an ounce of my current simple organic DIY hairspray
 - premade - so I could test a salty-sweet combination! **I also added an optional 1/4 tsp. Grey Goose vodka to both, to assist them with the drying process**

 When I poured the salt mixture into a bottle to combine it with the sugar mixture using a white funnel, I could see the liquid WAS PINK!! I DIED!! Hee hee! Pink hairspray?!? I might get a clear glass bottle just for that! OK, OK back to serious and scientific...

There are two important factors that are going to affect the outcome of my hairstyling today that I bet many others would be interested in hearing. (There are A LOT of us ladies that are hair-obsessed!)  

The first is that yesterday I got my hair colored. Yes, hair color is very bad for us - one of the most toxic things we can do. But if Oprah Winfrey can do a whole show based on none of us American women having our natural hair color - I know I'm in good company! Another reason I am using essential oils daily. But, I digress. That IS a factor. When my hair is freshly colored it's darn near impossible to work with. I normally have a fight with freshly colored hair to coax it to do anything. Today was so much better!

The second factor is that today is the day after a rainy day in Phoenix, Arizona, so it is an unusually humid day here. (We go months between rain most of the time) My 12 year old son checked for us, and the humidity where we live today is 60%!  It's not 60% inside my home, but I have had my windows open to enjoy some of this balmy moist air, and I can tell I'm working with more humidity than usual. 

I should also add that I washed my hair today and it was damp when I started. I used some of the Sea Salt Spray as part of my pre-blow dry product, and I LOVED the texture it added to my hair. You will definitely want to make this! (And it gave me more ideaaaas!)

Another thing I want to tell you about the Sea Salt Spray is the mixture clogged up the fine mist spray bottle nozzle, which is the preferred nozzle for the simple DIY hairspray made with sugar, but it was a pain in the butt to use with the salt! :-/ That texture, though... I kept rinsing it after each squirt so I could give it a fair try and an accurate report. 

With all of the factors known, I'll let you know that I tried the sea salt mixture by itself as my curl setter. (If you're not sure what I mean by THAT you are really going to need to read the first  simple organic DIY hairspray blog and the additional information page called 'all the little details'...easy read, good info, just do it!) Sea Salt Spray as my curl setter wasn't working well at all! My hair was just flopping down like a dog that had a long day chasing squirrels! 

**If you like the Sea Salt recipe best, I believe an adjustable dial trigger spray would work better, such as this 12 oz aluminum spray bottle and more spray bottle choices here.

So then I pulled in the half-and-half sweet & salty mixture, and this is where the magic happened! For a moment I did think I smelled kettle corn, but that's not a bad thing. Hee hee! EO's come later. My lower sugar version of simple DIY organic hairspray combined with the Sea Salt Spray provided a texture AND a hold that's so perfect for me. The combo spray is working well in a fine mist spray bottle. ;-)

There you have it. My suggestion is make them both and mix as you see fit.

It's very light feeling on my hair but it's still movable and I thought that it worked out great.  

I took a couple pictures to show you and - oh my gosh that was not easy to do.  My choices ended up being... photos where I didn't look like a dork but the top my head was chopped off, photos where my hair looked great but my eyes were closed, and some were just SILLY, so here you go - these are the pictures you get. You're welcome.

I will try to remember to get another shot at the end of the day, or at least update on the hold. (After midnight now and the update is... FANTASTIC! I'm REALLY excited about this one!)

I just got my Young Living Essential Rewards order (WAHOO!) and RepelAroma is in it, so I'm trying that with Tea Tree (I miss calling it Melaleuca Alternafolia) and it smells REALLY good.

I love the original simple organic DIY hairspray recipe, I'm over the moon with the texture that I have with the sea salt spray and I love the hold that I have with the sweet & salty combo! I'm sure that you will find SOMETHING in here that will be useful for your hairstyling routine that will eliminate some chemicals from your life and I wish you the best luck in your endeavors!

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God bless us all!


Unknown said...

Does the Pink Himalayan salt really make a difference? Could it be kosher salt or table salt? (It's nice to use ingredients I have on hand)

Anointed by Abba said...

Hi! Use what you have, absolutely! The idea is to reduce chemicals, and there's no need to buy something. That said, keep pink Himalayan sea salt in mind the next time you're ready to buy salt. :-)