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Friday, May 13, 2016

Convention must - haves

Team Anointed By Abba is excited for Convention this year! It's my second year (Kristina) and I am bringing my two high school compadres with me of course, Kim & Brenda, plus a few other builder members we love dearly, AND this year my family is coming, too! I had a BLAST last year with my sponsor Tracey Campbell and our parent team, Living Well Now. LWN had a TON of folks attending & it just added to the amazing atmosphere of Convention. To me it felt like what I would imagine Woodtsock being like--except with oils. :-) You need to go! And this year it's back in Utah, so I'll get to see the farm. SWOON!!! 

The blog posted recently on Lavender Lemonade has a mention or two about Convention that you should just scroll thru and look at real quick, plus a photo. :-) We'll be here while you check that out. G'head!

Welcome back! Isn't he cute? And don't you want to bring some of that home, too?

So, the most important thing for me to think about if I were new to EO and traveling would be EO carry cases. (Another reason to rank and recieve an aroma complete, right?)

Click this link (words in red or yellow lettering are links) to check out hard shell and soft shell EO carry cases, depending on your needs!

Why you need AT LEAST one: I currently own the model like the zebra striped case, but when I bought it it only came in black. (BOOOOring!!) I have 2 of them with me on a little vacation right now and I must say--I LOVE these cases. I keep them stocked with oil at home, even, because they're handy to grab and take with me for my adventures out in the big world. Hee hee! I have one for 'essential' essential oils, and one for anything extra, like if I am using a set of oils for specific targeted support.

They protect my oils! I have had a few calls of desperation from my members who've dropped their bottles of precious YLEO onto a tile floor, looking for a replacement bottle. I will mention these cases because I have dropped my entire case onto the concrete garage floor, face down while OPEN and nothing fell out and nothing broke. That's because of the tight grid pattern made of fat foamy squares. :-) These do a great job of protecting my investments.

***If you'd like to read about travel, and specifically about air travel with EO, here ya go! If not, scroll down to the pics*** 
On my trip I put one of the cases inside my hardshell luggage with all my toiletries, which was a first. I usually trust no one with that stuff and carry it on with me when I fly. Case inside a small hardshell luggage worked out great. That may be the new norm for flying.

The second case, I carried on with 'flying essentials', only because I am now TSA pre screened. I may have elected to use a much smaller case inside my purse for a short flight.

Being a TSA prescreen, I stand in a shorter line to get through security at the airport and get to keep my shoes on. :-) It took a few weeks for that process to happen, a visit to the airport with my birth certificate and driver's license and $85, which may be a tax deductible expense if you travel for your business. If you'd like information on that, click TSA PRE CHECK.

I will say that the TSA is HORRIBLY inconsistent from airport to airport and even from day to day. (pausing for a lil trauma life, here---one sec) Ok, I'm back. :-) You may or may not have to have every single essential oil you are carrying on opened and tested. (Stop hyperventilating, Kristina--it's over) You may or may not have to have every single oil loaded into ziploc baggies. The oils WILL be x-rayed, and they may be x-rayed no matter WHAT you do. I believe all luggage is now x-rayed, in fact, I HOPE it is, so...yeah. I got over demanding my oils NOT be x-rayed after a few traumatic power struggles with the TSA. LOL.

In one airport, I think it was Denver, I told the agents I did NOT want my oils x-rayed and made a big stink about the frequencies and what the oils do for me and TSA there simply opened 6 out of about 60 bottles and randomly tested them by touching a bomb-material-detecting paper to the bottle top. (eyeroll, but just a tiny one) But that was THE nicest encounter I ever had with TSA. They were very respectful of my profession and of my essential oils.

The other 20 encounters are making me want to cry, actually, I'll just sum it up by saying fly with as little as possible in your purse and carry-on. Oh yeah, I AM DRIVING TO CONVENTION THIS YEAR!!! WOOOOHOOO! :-D Big exhale.

The point I was getting to was about frequencies... When worrying about having my precious YLEO x-rayed, a wise oiler who has been in natural remedies as long as Gary Young has, advised me to simply take the bottle of EO that was x-rayed and roll it in my hands for a few minutes and let my body warm the bottle to help the oil return to the frequency it was made to have. She also suggests to pray with the intention of restoring the oil to the serve the purpose it was created for while holding the bottle. I've not experienced a single or blend not work for what I needed it for--ever, so I would say it's great advice, x-rays or not. :-)

You may click: A-store pages for carry cases and racks to see a few different types 

There are keychain sized cases, soft cloth, and hard shell cases similar to this:

They come in large, small...many choices, all from Amazon. If you don't see what you want, there will be suggestions on the side of the page made by Amazon.


A good option may be the keychain travel case. Keychain comes in black or purple. The tiny bottles sometimes need too much work to remove the drop reducing orifices, depending on which 5/8 dram bottle you have. The ones that YL now includes with a Premium Starter Kit are great because the have a larger hole that can even be plugged with an attached stopper and they are easier to remove for refilling. If you have the old style drop reducer, OR trouble with orifice drop reducers OR removing and replacing roller tops on ANY bottle....you may need one of these:

 This will help remove roller tops and drop reducers BUT PLEASE READ THE REVIEWS PRIOR TO PURCHASING!! It's tiny, comes with no instructions, should probably cost less and people will admit to all of that just before they RAVE about the product...

 Tiny 2 ml roll-ons! These may even fit in the keychain case...If not the keychain case they'll fit LOTS of places. These look like the type of rollers that should be stored upright, though, just FYI. They're so cute though!! I can make all kinds of blends and even stick one in my bra while at convention. LOL. On a side note, these may be the perfect sized bottle to make an annoyance free blend for my kids to take with them, just for maybe a day's worth. ;-)  Using the oils of your choice from the blend in the And Stay Off! blog, add a few drops each oil and top with a carrier... OH the possibilities!!

 DORBS...small (4 ml) and already color coded!

 This case is better suited for roll on bottles--click on the photo to see the product photos listed on Amazon & read the customer reviews.

Not just for convention, but anytime for these spray bottles...nice change from amber or cobalt blue for DIY's.

Absolute BEST roll on bottles and class company to deal with. LOVE Rivertree Life products!!!

Rivertree Life again...they make lots of different labels, and this cobo pack can be used on balms, roll ons, spray bottles and some have cute, clever blend names you can create customized for yourself!

 one word? GIDDY

 Great looking product from Rivertree Life. This may be the best option for travel DIY sprays, rather than glass. But I am still buying those pink glass spray bottles!!

Other things I know I need:

 Food grade silicone travel bottles for DIY EO infused or YL brand shampoo, conditioner, lotion, & body wash

 This charger has a ton of power and if you choose the black colored version it's currently $15.99. I am bringing 2 chargers again this year--one for my phone that will need a juicing during my long day of note taking, picture taking, checking emails, etc., and one for my portable diffusing. LOL! That may be in my room, it may be in a car, a rubber room...one never knows!

 This charger is less powerful, but I like that it is ssquare shaped. I own round ones and when I am trying to diffuse, the rolling can get annoying. :-D

 This is an idea my son Sebby came up with--portable diffusing. (Click link for a few more ideas) Plug the USB diffuser into the USB charger. So simple a child had to clue me in! This model is exactly like the YL USB diffuser, which can be finicky, but if you know the ins and outs of it already, they are so worth the money!

 If you have the YL USB diffuser or buy the one posted above, you may want to pick up a pack of these refill bottles.There are 3 per package so you can replace a lost bottle or have several designated-scent bottles if you want.

Bring snacks and an EO safe water bottle. I like that this one is double walled (insulated) and has so many features, you should just click on it and read them! It has high customer reviews, too.

Oh my gosh, I am so excited!!! I am hoping to see you all at Young Living Convention 2016!

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